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August 01, 2008

Frosting shots?

Cooling Cupcakes, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.


Frosting shots for your next office party? Gross:

Asking for a "frosting shot" is the latest bakery trend. Forget the "cake" part of cupcake – enough people are asking for a solo squiggle of frosting in a cup to make the shots an official menu item at some cupcake stores. The editor of told The Associated Press it's "kind of the cut-to-the-chase evolution of cupcakes" and a great thing to have at an office party. Sure, I guess. If you're looking for more ways to cut costs at the office. [Seattle PI]


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This is pure, wanton barbarism. I'm going to have to go join the National Review and bemoan the state of western civilization now.

I do love a Mrs. Pollack's cupcake. Naked or dressed.

I do love a Mrs. Pollack's cupcake. Naked or dressed.

Every month, we get a cake at the ofice from one of the local bakeries to celebrate birthdays. The cakes are famous locally for the richest, most incredible buttercream frosting you've ever had.

That said, the thought of taking a pure frosting shot of that stuff is enough to make my pancreas scream in horror.

glossy, well tended cupcakes like those are one of the truest forms of baker's art. frosting shots are an abomination.

We encountered this at a 7-year-old birthday party my daughter went to recently. The host mom figured (rightly) that the kids would just lick the frosting off the cupcakes, anyway, so why bother with making cupcakes?

I understand the practicality. And my daughter is certainly one of the great frosting-no-cake offenders. But it does seem like conceding one of the great battles. Besides, how will the kids learn to eat cake if it's not even there?


I never really liked cake bread, anyway. Preference for cheesecake, and/or I lick off the icing.

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