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August 07, 2008

More fun with confectionary use/mention distinctions

This just in from Cake Wreck:Use_mention_cake_2


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The unfunny thing about picture like this is that they are inevitably forwarded to me by ignorant relatives (who are still loved, despite it all) as proof that hispanics and blacks are stupid; the context of the e-mail is usually rife with narratives about how the "fat sounding" black/hispanic picked up the phone at Target Greatland/Wal-Mart/Fred Meyer, and proceeds to get the order wrong after several interruptions from _her_ friends about her hair, nails, etc.

Well, Doug B, now you have a happy instance of a picture not forwarded to you by ignorant relatives as proof that hispanics and blacks are stupid--you can finally enjoy the evidence of the slipperiness of language untainted by using such universal mishaps as evidence of racial or ethnic inferiority.

And then there was a family member of mine who needed a name tag, right away, when she started working at hospital. Her supervisor sent in a form reading, "Jane Doe (not her real name), R.N. ASAP". You guessed it. The name tag came back, "Jane Doe, R.N. ASAP".

Belongs on

Do we know it's a mistake? My first reading when I saw this was that the person who made the cake was deliberately playing with the use/mention distinction.

I like the phrase on the cake--clever :) Kudos to the literary chef.

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