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August 23, 2008

Ron Fournier: If Obama were confident, he would have picked a ficus tree

Ficus Because nothing says confidence like picking a VP who adds nothing to your ticket.

A photosynthesizing running mate would have been a decisive break from the status quo, not to mention a source of fresh air.

By picking a ficus tree, Obama would have signaled his readiness to win the entire election by himself.

Of course, such a bold selection by Obama would have telegraphed arrogance to many observers, especially Ron Fournier.


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I, for one, would have looked forward to the very evenly-matched debate between the ficus tree and Mitt Romney.


Fournier really needs a cat scan ... got to check and see if there's any neural activity at all.

There probably isn't.

TB, you need a cat scan to see if there's any independent thought at all.

Let us not forget, Ron Fournier is not a journalist but a Rove wannabee, telling him to "Keep up the fight" and offering solace in "the Lord" when Rove whined to him about the Tilman investigations. Fournier's "interpretive" style journalism reeks of vetting by Rove.

It's likely that a CAT scan would show no neural activity.

My cat would scan him and piss in his shoes the minute he slipped one off under the table.

The ficus is the best reply of the day.

That wouldn't be the same Ficus Michael Moore tried to get elected into office during this TV career, would it?

Something else to consider: mainstream vice-presidential candidates, unlike ficus trees, breathe in precious oxygen, and expel carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And Obama claims to be serious about global warming!

Chuck Hagel would've been another good choice; heartland conservatives would've been reassured that Obama wouldn't be arrogant enough to seriously disagree with them on any major issues. And everyone knows Nebraska is both more American, and farther removed from Europe than Delaware.

Then, of course, if Obama was really serious about this being a "groundbreaking" campaign, he could've not picked a vice-presidential candidate at all. He was, I assume, planning on having a Secretary of State anyway! Is he trying to suggest that he's likely to be assasinated because he's... black, and America is just full of unwashed white racists? Is that really what he thinks of the good people of Nebraska? And just who does he think he is anyway, Martin Luther King? God, what an ego. The American voter will never stand for this.

Alon, here's a dime. Go call somebody who cares.

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