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September 20, 2008

Charges dropped against journalists arrested during RNC

Tear Gas, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

The St. Paul City Attorney's Office announced yesterday that it is dropping misdemeanor charges journalists arrested during the RNC.

This development shouldn't surprise anyone. The charges were so flimsy and frivolous that it's doubtful the authorities ever intended to pursue them in court. The arrests were clearly a tactic of diversion and intimidation to keep journalists from doing their jobs.

There must be a full investigation into security tactics during the RNC. The Minneapolis City Council has already blocked one bid for an inquiry.


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God knows, if there's ever been a presidential candidate who knows a thing or two about banking, it's John McCain.

Wrong thread, obviously. Apologies.

Rather than worry about which part of the city budget the money comes out of, why not just say the city pays for it, and count on pressure from the city higher-ups (mayor, city manager, council members) to put pressure on the police chief to get his or her people under control? Let that hypothetical mayor who doesn't care about brutality explain to the citizens that he has to raise their taxes because of lawsuits against the police. In theory, this should be a self-correcting problem (in practice, of course, such a mayor will try to spin the news to avoid responsibility, and succeed all too often).

Of course, part of the problem in Minneapolis seems to have come from county police not under the normal jurisdiction of the city. That's a problem with assigning responsibility under mutual aid pacts.

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