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September 30, 2008

Help a great photojournalist break a story

One of the world's greatest living photojournalists won the 2007 TED Prize, which consists of $100,000 and one wish to change the world. James Nachtwey wished for "help in breaking a news story in a way that demonstrates the power of news photography in the digital age."

Laura Galloway explains: "Nachtwey's work will be simultaneously revealed online, disseminated through numerous media channels, and projected on public buildings throughout the world. The TED Prize organizers have created a blogger page where bloggers can download a badge for their blogs in advance of Oct. 3, find event live event locations, or embed Nachtwey's wish video. On October 3, the site will redirect to reveal the story."

Bloggers, help Nachtwey get his wish by downloading a badge for your sidebar.


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An outstanding video of superbly moving photography. I did not know James Nachtwey, and I am grateful that you introduced him to me.

James Nachtwey's photographs are featured in a stunning documentary called War Photographer.

I highly recommend it.

Thanks for this moving presentation.

I want to know - were people weeping openly at this event? and if not, wtf is wrong with them?

And also - goddamn that advertisement to follow pissed me OFF. Water - water - dry river beds - is this what Nachtway's story will be about?? and then the stupid car breaking through the waterfall. "God damn those fuckers to hell" was my immediate response. Like the man said, not everything should be used to sell things. This was one of them.

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