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September 26, 2008

McCain wins debate, Dewey beats Truman

Mccain_wins_debate_ad McCain ads say he won the debate. This is an official McCain web ad that got released prematurely, according to WaPo campaign blogger Chris Cillizza.


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A couple of weeks ago, I was looking forward to this debate.

But the embrace of McCain and Obama of the cash-for-trash Wall Street scheme makes me less interested in watching the debate.

So ...

1. Win the debate
2. Announce the win
3. Decide whether to show up at the debate

(All of the above while having suspended the campaign because to campaign -- or debate -- until a bailout deal has rescued imperiled CEOs would be putting country first. Or would not be putting country first. He'll let us know whichever's which when he has worked it out himself. Or actually, he will already have let us know which, before he works it out himself.)

Oh, and ...
4. Probably debate.


It doesn't seem all that great an ad to begin with, though a few more exclamation points might have helped.

From the picture, it would appear that Emperor Palpatine won the debate.

...& then he woke up.

The man in that picture doesn't look like he'd ever wake up again. It could just about be a photo of an open-casket funeral.

Not in good taste, but I guess whoever runs McCain's campaign must have OK'd it.

The presence of an exclamation mark, qualifies this as a premature ejaculation.....

Future McCain as President ad:

1. We won the war in Iran and came in under budget.
2. Launch the invasion of Iran.
3. Borrow $600 billion.

Odd thing to prepare to crow about. Winning a debate isn't like helping the country (one), and in 2004 after Bush lost debate 1 to Kerry they tried to cheer the troops by showing that 1st debate winners generally lost the election.

Just weird.

thats funny. I hope it comes back to haunt him.

The pundits are knocking themselves out to tell the rest of us who won. When">">When Diageo asked the voters who won, significant erosion of McCain approval among independents has cropped up in the last week If you ask the rest of us, he clearly LOST the debate. I assume impressing undecided voters matters. The pundits can put that in their pipes and smoke it.

This reminds me of an incident back in 2004, on Pandagon. Jesse Taylor had evidently written a review of a Bush-Kerry debate before the debate happened. (I don't think that it's really unreasonable to write a few rough-sketch reviews beforehand (maybe one "what a disaster! Kerry looked horrible." review, one "Wow! Kerry really kicked Bush's ass!" review, etc) so that you can respond more quickly after the debate by filling in the blanks.)

Anyway, he somehow posted a review of the debate on Pandagon prematurely. It was a kind of dull "Kerry did pretty well" review, I think. Anyway, though, of course the Pandagonians mocked him for it in a long and entertaining comment thread, with everything from speculation about Jesse's clairvoyant powers of seeing into the future to comments about other aspects of this fantasy-debate. Unfortunately, the thread is lost.

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