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September 08, 2008

More lies about the Bridge to Nowhere

The McCain campaign just keeps digging itself in deeper on the Bridge to Nowhere story. Spokesman Tucker Bounds admitted that Palin was for the bridge before she was against it. Bounds tried to imply that Palin killed the plan when she realized that bridge from Ketchikan to Gravina Island would be a bad use of federal tax dollars.

Actually, Palin only nixed the plan after it became clear that Congress wouldn't pay for the bridge.

Palin used the federal money for other construction projects.


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A Wall St. Journal article, Record Contradicts Palin's 'Bridge' Claims gives plenty of space to McCain spokesmen to try to defend Sarah Palin.

But even the McCain spokesmen don't claim that she ever told Congress not to spend money on the Bridge to Nowhere.

Regardless of her shifting positions on the bridge, this statement is still a lie:

"I told the Congress, 'Thanks, but no thanks,' on that Bridge to Nowhere."

Sarah Palin has told that lie repeatedly, including by lying to the millions of people who watched her speech at the Republican Convention on television.

Sarah Palin has told that lie repeatedly, including by lying to the millions of people. . .

Pretty good, Palin! And people say she's not qualified to be V.P. Sure, she's no Dick Cheney, but still, this is pretty good. Cheney has just set too high our expectations for how often, and how outrageously, a V.P. should lie.

The sad thing is, I actually understand why Alaska receives a disproportionate amount of federal funding. Infrastructure costs there are higher because of geography. Alaska demonstrates how government spending is a requirement for prosperity, not a hindrance. It appears that Sarah Palin understands that but now pretends otherwise to go along with the current GOP propaganda.

I actually agree with you on this one.

The Bridge to Nowhere was a project that had zero merit and that would have been a world, not just US, laughingstock, had it ever been built.

Palin does have a real history as a reformer within Alaska. But she was conniving to get every Federal dollar, just and unjust, like the rest of them up there.

Attacking waste and corruption in her own state gives her a record that few other politicians can claim. But the record is not flawless.

No. Congress ended the earmark for the bridge before Palin was even governor; she had no authority to say "no" to anything.

Palin NEVER "nixed the plan." There is no way to get any truth at all from what she said. (Obama's line "she was for it before she was against it" is also far too weak.)

Bob Somerby tells the story, with newspaper citations, at
An excerpt:

Palin was elected governor in November 2006. One year earlier, in November 2005, the “bridge to nowhere” earmark ceased to exist. The New York Times ran a news report by Carl Hulse under the headline, “Two 'Bridges to Nowhere' Tumble Down in Congress.” (There had actually been two “bridges to nowhere,” though one had gotten the bulk of the mocking publicity).

"Attacking waste" is kind of meaningless when Palin seems to prefer using government money to fund a sports complex but not to supply a forensics kit to rape victims.

Sarah Palin is being kept in the same bubble that Bush is in, which is manufactured by the RNC.

"Posted by: Chester | September 09, 2008 at 08:48 AM

Palin NEVER "nixed the plan." There is no way to get any truth at all from what she said. (Obama's line "she was for it before she was against it" is also far too weak.)"
Today Amy Goodman on Democracy Now pointed out with video that Palin, during her campaign for governor, was verbally not against the Bridge to Nowhere. That excerpt video came from a rebroadcast of the Alaska governor debate via C-SPAN this past weekend.

"Attacking waste and corruption in her own state gives her a record that few other politicians can claim."

Grabbing a per-diem allowance to eat and sleep in her own house gives her a record that few other politicians can claim. It sounds as though it should give her a criminal record too, but IOKIYAR I suppose.

Attacking waste and corruption in her own state gives her a record that few other politicians can claim.

Then why not make claims based on her actual record, instead of making up spurious claims (aka LIES), and expecting the public to swallow your bullshit with a smile? This isn't even a question of nuance or interpretation. It's blatent. And it's stupid.

Credibility, once gone, is slow and difficult to recover. If the public has to fact-check each and every utterance of McCain and Palin, exactly how is that an improvement over the past eight years of LYING by Bush and his GOP apologists?

I just read that both Obama and Biden voted for the bridge to how bad of an idea could it have been?
You guys are the ones living in a bubble if you think the "bridge to nowhere" is going to make a bit of difference in this election. Your desperate grasping at straws tells me that you realize the same thing that I do...since last Wednesday, Obama has been on a downward spiral and at this point looks like he is losing.
I heard Obama on the radio this morning attacking Sarah Palin. He sounded desperate and defensive...and small. So do all of you.
You stink of fear.
Things can change but right now my gut is telling me that John McCain is going to be the next POTUS. I suspect that all of your guts are telling you the same thing.
Sarah Palin Fact: Global warming doesn't kill polar bears, Sarah Palin does...with her bare hands.

Well of COURSE Palin is lying, what's she got to run on, her record?

Even the most cursory look at her record (which McCain didn't do, heck of a job, Johnny!) shows that when not firing employees, she was lining her pockets with public funds; getting paid traveling expenses and per diems while staying at home ($700+ hotel rooms?? $10K+ a day in per diem??) firing the cook at the governor's mansion, then keeping her on under a different title and then claming she did all the cooking cause she's just a homemaker like all the good, real folks out there.

Some old, same old, corrupt republicans, hell, even McCain's slogan is a lie: Change you can believe in.

Hell, it's not even change, let alone believable.

Of course your gut is telling you that bubba, your brain gave up working long ago.

Yes, its hard to use the Bridge to Nowhere as an issue as Obama did vote for the useless project, as did Biden.

And yes, there's a lot of fear here, and on all the lefty sites. It has slipped away, and it won't be coming back.

Of course they voted for it Phantom Homer, it was in an omnibus spending bill. You DO know what that is, DON'T you?

You DO know that there wasn't just a SINGLE bill concerning the funding of this bridge, right?

Try not to be THAT stupid.

Oh wait, you're a conservative, sorry, you can't help it.

Hey Phantom:
Let me tell you what I've seen and you tell me if you've seen the same thing. Every last one of my liberal friends (all from either New York of Massachusetts) have told me that they are sitting this presidential election out. Every last one of them.
They can't bring themselves to vote McCain but they will not vote for Obama. He's too callow, too naive as far as they're concerned.
Actually, I'm sure one of them has changed his mind and will vote McCain now that he's picked Palin for VP. His reasons are personal so I won't discuss it here but I am sure of it.

Hey TB:
Some of my closest friends are liberals. You shouldn't judge people based on their politics. It's very narrow minded.

The story isn't the bridge but the constant lying about it and using that lie as a career "accomplishment" on her slight resume. If 4 more years of lies doesn't concern you, then vote for McCain.
My liberal friends are galvanized by the pray-the-gay-away Palin pick to go door-to-door for Obama.


Temper, temper

It was an egregious crime, the Bridge to Nowhere was. And these two change agents never spoke against it, and voted for it.

McCain opposed the bridge to nowhere, and just about all other earmarks.

Obama was OK with earmarks, and got a fat one for the hospital that had given his wife a fat raise.

Change agent my foot.


I must say that most of my liberal friends are voting for Obama, some enthusiastically so.

They're immune to any and all news about the Wright, Ayers and Rezko associations. They don't even listen to it.

All they know is that he is a Democrat and that's all the information that they need or can process.

Spare me Chester. The whole idea that your politicians are noble, pure truth tellers and that mine are evil liars is just childish.
All politicians try to portray themselves in best light and their opponents try to portray them in the worst. Congratulations, you've just proven that Sarah Palin is a politician. Big whoop.
If Sarah's resume is too thin to be VP, what does that say about Obama's arguably thinner resume to be POTUS? Nothing good.
I'm sure your friends are quite gung-ho for Obama. But I'm talking to people who voted Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, Kerry and are now prepared to sit this one out and let McCain win. I understand their sentiment. Giuliani would never get my vote and McCain is barely acceptable but more acceptable to me now that he's picked a real conservative running mate.
To get back to my point Chester. You can stick your head in the sand from now till election day but Obama has a real problem if what I'm seeing is any indication.

The important thing is not how the brain dead liberal hordes in NYC and LA vote. The important thing is how independents and those close to the middle vote in PA, OH, MI, FL, etc

I think we will do well with those guys.

I think that the RNC helped to close the sale with a lot of those folks. Palin made the pitch to conservatives and McCain made a good case to independents.
I talked to a friend who is a down the middle independent last week, someone who I think is representative of a lot of non politically obesessed voters. She was very impressed by McCains speech.

"Obama's arguably thinner resume to be POTUS? "

" ... if what I'm seeing is any indication."

Here's your problem Bubba, the people that believe "arguments" like that and see what you "see" are the same people that believed the "arguments" and could "see" that Saddam was an imminent threat.

You were wrong then, you're wrong now.

You conservatives seem to live in some sort of detached-reality-land where somehow Palin is a better choice and has more experience than Obama based on ... well, nothing, she really hasn't done anything on a international level, unless you're actually as stupid as John McCain who believes that living in a state NEXT TO Russia somehow counts.

Then you come onto a site like majikthise, and ignore the facts, the literal facts on the ground and in the record, about everything that Palin has done, and you talk about feeling things in your gut and you're expecting us to treat you or your opinions with anything approaching seriousness?

I'm sorry, but conservatives have been so wrong about so many things for literally decades that there's no way I or anyone with reasonable intelligence or someone like Lindsay Beyerstein or, oh 80% of the American populace can or should give validity to a conservatives opinion for the next fifty years.

How many times do you slack-jawed troglodytes have to proven wrong and incompetent before it penetrates into your knowledge base that people don't and can't trust your opinions any longer.

Now take your sidebar conversations with The Phantom Homer back to The Corner, there's plenty of space over there for you to trade Michael Moore fat jokes and talk about how Obama is presumptuous and McCain is "winning" and Palin is "qualified".

We've got work to do cleaning up yet another conservative mess and your infantile attempts at observation and analysis get in the way.

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