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September 19, 2008

MS Supreme Court smacks down Barbour ballot

The Supreme Court of Mississippi ruled yesterday that Gov. Haley Barbour can't just hide the Wicker/Musgrove senate race at the bottom of the ballot and hope voters forget to vote out his nominee, Wicker.

The ruling is a big deal for several reasons. First, hiding the race at the bottom of the ballot was blatantly illegal and the court put a stop to it. Second, the Mississippi senate race is a rare pickup opportunity for Democrats. Wicker is still in the lead, but Musgrove still has a fighting chance.

It's nice to write a story about a victory for a change. Here's my latest piece in Raw Story about the court ruling.


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It makes perfect sense, from the standpoint of the Republicans: With nothing positive to run on, and with the various anti-Obama smears having already outlived their sell-by dates, voter suppression is bound to be The Next Big Thing. This story offers one small ray of hope; Josh Marshall has promising news on this front from Florida, too.

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