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September 24, 2008

Witch-Fighter Muthee annoints Sarah Palin

Seriously, folks...

My good friend and esteemed colleague Max Blumenthal has uncovered some footage of Sarah Palin getting blessed against witchcraft at the Wasilla Assembly of God. In this clip, visting pastor Muthee casts out the spirit of witchcraft over (sic) Sarah Palin, but only after he prays for campaign contributions for her gubernatorial bid. Priorities, priorities...

You should watch the whole thing for the prologue about how religion must infiltrate every sphere of society from politics to the media to the entertainment industry, but if you're in a hurry, fast forward to 6:58 on the YouTube clip for the Palin-specific footage including anti-witchcraft blessing.

Then, watch this, and you'll feel better. I promise.


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I'll go ahead an renew my call for the taxation of church organizations.

This video is both hilarious and scary.

I knew a witch back in middle school. This was back in the mid-late 1990s, around 97 or so.

She had a website on Tripod or the like that she persuaded me to check out. I think it was one of of those black-background'd websites that had an embedded MIDI of the Moonlight Sonata in the background. You know the kind.

Also, she would sometimes stare at me and say she was draining my energy or my aura or something.

Since she's probably 25 by now, rather than 14 as when I knew her, I suspect she's matured a bit beyond that and is a lovely young lady and... well, if she does practice Wicca, it's no longer accompianied by the "freak the mundanes" impulse or delusions of psychic powers.

At any rate, though, I hope that her aura drains didn't harm me too much, since I never got the anti-witchcraft protective sealant installed on me.

Note: my understanding is that contrary to the Monty Python portrayal, the peasant masses of medieval Europe were generally not enthusiastic about witch trials. The mainstream church wasn't very fond of them either. Witch hunters were a fairly small and unpopular but very vocal and violent group that managed to bully their way into trying and killing alleged witches in spite of popular and ecclesiastical opposition. Henry Paulson might have made a good one.

Not that I regard the Monty Python portrayals as being intended as serious or anything. :^)

Au contraire, Julian. Thinking of the entire McCain-Palin campaign as one long and extremely elaborate Python sketch may be the only way of making any sense of it.

See, this is the kind of crap that gives people of faith (like me, for instance) a bad name.

I haven't seen a blessing against witchcraft ever. Although I did bless the former desk of a particularly wicked co-worker with holy water once :-)

I'm surprised that blessing Palin to ward off witchcraft didn't result in her melting while sobbing "Oh what a world, what a world."

I wonder if she called him Sambo afterwards.

Here's an interview with Charley James the writer who claimed Palin referred to Obama as Sambo

Wow, this is going to be a HUGE problem for Obama.


This is PALIN'S minister?

Carry on then, citizen.

Muthee is a visiting pastor from Kenya. He's known for having decided that a spate of traffic accidents were the work of a witch, picking out some poor "spiritual adviser", and hounding her until she was forced to flee her home because of death threats from his followers.

The pentecostal movement in Africa is involved in witchfinding.

Trouble is... this may be McCain's way of energizing the Wacko Religious Right. He NEEDS this kind of publicity. And if I'm reading the tea leaves correctly, it's working.

Would the Christian Coalition come out to vote for McCain and, say, Romney or Lieberman or Santorum or whomever? Hell, A lot of them might come out just to vote AGAINST any such ticket. They border on contempt for McCain in the first place; adding nearly anyone else hardly improves the situation.

But now they have Sarah. She's one of them. They can vote for her, and be happy, and be happy that God is happy about it too. As a bonus, since God Answers prayers, Sarah will be their president in no time.

The more this kind of video gets into circulation, the more they'll be ready to pull a lever in November.

All of this makes for a very troubling conundrum. Yes, her religiosity is absolutely fair game for ridicule. In fact, you can even make the intellectual argument that it is our duty as citizens of a (hopefully, still) free republic, to shine as bright a light as possible on her foibles, faults, shortcomings, insanities, whatever-you-want-to-call-them, so that the thoughtful, intelligent, American voter can make a fully informed decision in November.

Or our we just giving free airtime for McCain to appeal, by proxy, the religious nuts?

Maybe this throws some light on the whole rape-kit issue; I know a number of women and girls were burned/hung/drowned in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries based in part on the testimony of their rapists, who convinced the court they'd been bewitched against their will by that cunning succubis.

In any case, the new head of the Department of Homeland Security may have an additional job to fill next year.

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