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October 07, 2008

Max Hardcore goes to jail, real torturers stay free

Glenn Greenwald has a great post about the irony of the 4-year jail term handed to pornographer Max Hardcore this week in Florida.

Hardcore produced and distributed pornographic films of consenting adults simulating torture. For this, he's off to federal prison for four years.

Mind you, Max Hardcore movies are disgusting. Susana Breslin describes some of the sexual degradation scenarios that Hardcore's actors play out.

However, the CIA interrogators who videotaped the torture and degradation of non-consenting prisoners are still free.

The same Justice Department that defended the legality of "enhanced interrogation" methods has named mainstream adult pornography a top enforcement priority.


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Expression which might make for depravity is punished, while acting out such depravity is protected, even rewarded: the real is sho nuff rational.

I am just wondering when they are going to start incarcerating people who distribute free Bibles for propagating materials that contain depictions of torture, rape, murder and genocide or insisting this garbage be forced on school children.

Not any time soon, I guess.

Once again... The government steps in on thing that they shouldn't. This is the reason that this country is going to shit and really deserves what it gets. Makes you wonder why people that can afford it move over seas. I think this issue is pathetic in every way. So what if the guy is sick and does what he does. That's his business. I agree with Sean in his above statement. Screw you religious fucks. You are the reason people can't do what they what in this world.

Im happy this freaking rapist is locked-up thight for a while.
this dirty old rapist has raped so many young girls.
Poor girls who walked away from home and made the wrong decision not knowing they would get raped in the porn industry. and afther this rapist raped them they must feel terrible for the rest of there lives. i dont blame the girls but i blame the rapist men who trick these poor helpless girls into there dirty industry. actualy i would perfer to give him and the rest of them like rocco siffredi etc. the death sentence or atleast casterate them. NO a human sacrifice for the gods would be even better sacrefice these fools at the bohemian grove. offer there rapist body's to the great owl of bohemia and built a throne from there skulls. away with those who abuse others away with they who misthread others and on to the new world order were there is no hunger war and misjugement at all.

I'm a christian who is disgusted that this man's liberties are being taken away, no matter what kind of films he produces. maybe we should ban apples too because you can use them as pipes to smoke weed from

Free Max Hardcore... it is a free world, free country, free choices. If this is not the case we might as well all become Islamic!

I have watched some of these guys movies on free sites in UK. It is very clear that most of these girls have no idea what they are getting in to. In several of the movies particularly with non english speaking girls Little can clearly be seen wiping blood away before the camera sees it. This is assault in anybodies language and the man is very lucky not to be spending the rest of his life behind bars. He deserves everything he will get in jail and I think an eyee for an eye will be the order of the day.

The free-speech elements of Little's predicament points up the intrinsic subjectivity of the legal definition of obscenity. The Supreme Court has never come to terms with the proper definition. Meanwhile, the hypocrisy so blatant that even hip-hop cats with little understanding of constitutional law are writing about it at our Denver Recording Studio, which is a scary idea. Even these hoods understand that their government is for torture, but against consensual extreme sex. By the way, can anybody tell me why Little didn't appeal the decision?

I think that jailing a 50+ y.o. man which has chosen such an occupation (playing with young girls, slapping them, pissing in their mouth, destroying their asses, insulting them, etc ...) is a good decision.

Now it is time to jail JW BUSH as well for killing 1 million innocent civilians in Irak for unknown reasons.

FREE MAX he should be awarded for his films, those little girls loved it!!
What is this a communist country they should lock up fags and lesbo's
i find that discusting!!
Max plays a physical sport in those films IF YOU DONT LIKE,DONT WATCH!!

Free Max Hardcore! He is appealing his case and hopefully he will be set free soon. He should have never ever gone to jail in the first place.

Max's films might be disgusting and extreme to some people but that's not a good enough reason to send him to jail for nearly 4 years. He never raped anyone. All the girls in his films knew what they were getting into. They were all of legal age and remember, no civilians made complaint against Max.

It's all FBI's doing. Max didn't commit any crime against anybody. There was no victim in this case except for Max himself. He is a victim of politics.

We need to free Max Hardcore. If we let this happen to Max, It might be you next time. If it happened to Max it could happen to anybody. We need to fight for our rights and fight for our freedom.


As much as i find Max's films disturbing, i find his fans even worse. His films are often found in the top 10 sellers lists and anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows that supply is only available to meet demand. Are there that many people who get off on the portrayal of sadistic sex with women who are pretending to be underage? His popularity surely can't be mere curiosity; seeing 5 minutes of one his movies was quite enough for me.

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