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October 27, 2008

McCain Fetus Flag Sign (Not a Joke)

This is a sincere sign, not a parody. Details at Campaign Silo.


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Why does the amniotic sac have a gas-pump handle attachment?

I'm having trouble even understanding this flag.

Is that a fetus grenade?

It would probably be really uncomfortable to have a little flag on a wooden stick in your uterus.

Now we know how the Repubs plan on stealing the election -- giving fetuses the vote. Of course, they'd all vote for McCain/Palin as that nasty Barack Obama wants to kill them.

Do anti-choicers just not know that fetuses grow inside women, or do they choose to pretend that they are grown inside balloons?

Ouch!!!!! Get that thing out of me!!!!

I can understand and respect sincere, right-to-life proponents - even activists. What I neither understand nor respect is the vulgarization of the issue by associating their views with a patriotic display of the American flag.

In the context of recent events in the presidential campaign, the pro-life wing is painting the pro-choice defenders with an accusing anti-American brush. Now there’s a convincing argument: Pro-life means pro-American, exclusively. I suppose the picture stakes out a piece of pro-American territory that Sarah Palin would find more patriotic, easier to identify, and safer to visit.

Remember the lie about the fetal scream during an abortion? Now it’s a lie about the fetal scream, “America hater!”

Handle? Stopper? Uterine neck/cervix? Trigger guard? WTF is that thing on the end of the baby-in-a-bottle supposed to be? It's probably safe to assume that it's meant to resemble something, pro-lifers being usually pretty literal minded.

Nearly six months pregnant here, and that just gave me the first bout of nausea I've felt in a while.

Republicans for uterine replicators perhaps?

Or could they they be suggesting that McCain/Palin are pro-Matrix ?

I thought that was a white flag for a few seconds.

"I give up! I don't want to be brought into this mess we call a world! Somebody abort me, please!"

But in all seriousness....this is the oddest thing I've seen all day. I don't understand how anyone would want to put such an eyesore on their lawn.

Oh my goodness, this is too funny! This is *exactly* what Republicans think, it's all about the precious fetus and the woman is invisible.

Too bad fetuses can't vote, McSame and Failin. Go, Obama!

Now, if only someone could make an actual balloon with one of these inside it. Kind of a ship-in-a-bottle sort of thing. Fill it with helium and tote around your very own flying port-a-womb!

Okay, I'll concede the right to vote for any fetus (especially those that are white of course). However I draw the line at allowing them to drive.

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