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October 11, 2008

McCain Palin haters in Ohio (video)

Dana Blankenhorn posted this disturbing footage captured in the parking lot outside a McCain rally in Strongsville, Ohio this week.


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Even my dear brother, a Republican who's maintained his loyalty through willfull blindness for several years now, told my other brother this week that the GOP had gotten too crazy for him. The polls this week suggest that lots of other people are coming to the same conclusion, which is of course fantastic. (McCain, needless to say, only went back to his more respectful stance after it became clear he was digging himself in deeper. Sorry, John, that genie's not going back in the septic tank.) The bad news is we're soon going to be treated to a mass political tantrum as previously unimaginable in modern-day America as another Great Depression. And I'm very afraid we're going to end up with people getting hurt, or killed.


David Gergen said the same thing. What gives? Is this a coincidental prescience, or a collective overreaction? With sincerity I ask, Really?

I was always afraid that the nomination of either Hillary or Barack would bring the crazies out from the woodwork. These would have been, I thought, people who were easily identified as dyed-in-the-wool extremists. Now I have to ask, are Joe and Josie six pack becoming deluded, unbalanced, and hysterical? Are there microcosmic bubbles of group hate that could burst here and there?

I really do not like thinking more about this because I may come to the conclusion that more than a few incipient aggressors are identifying with John McCain's raging hostility, erratic and teetering opinions, rash actions, and an inability to maintain focus and balance.

I've written before about my personal view that John McCain manifests symptoms of PTSD as a result of his years of torture and deprivation as a POW. This was added to a personality that was already oppositional and defiant.

The two principal symptoms I see are his history of rage, and episodes of dissociation. The rage is well documented. More recently, I see dissociation in his personal pleas to respect Barack Obama as a reasonable and good person [which I believe is McCain's heartfelt view], while at the same time creating fear that Obama will bring explicit sex education to first graders, creating fear that terrorists might follow him into the White House, and creating fear that Obama is erratic and unbalanced.

There is more here that smear politics as usual. Smear was usually left to operatives and leaks. McCain, himself, is slinging the mud, and alternating this dissociated form of McCain with a nicer, but equally dissociated, persona.

Being angry and two-faced [insofar as they are manifestations of PTSD] do not disqualify a candidate for political office - not even for the Presidency. The question here is whether there are projection and identification going back and forth between McCain and enough of his supporters that could result in personal decomposition and violence against the other side? I do not have an answer, but I do worry.

I’d have used a less confrontational approach in approaching these people; honey being better to catch flies with and all, but then obviously in this case one needn’t scratch too deep to see what’s underneath the veneer.

McCain doesn’t seem to know quite what to do now that the genie’s out of the septic tank (thanks Cass). The NY Times reports him saying yesterday that Obama’s “a decent person” and a “family man” then practically in the same breath declaring that “Mr. Obama’s political career was launched in Mr. Ayers’ living room.” Can he not make up his own mind? Is he too old and tired and weak to tell one faction or the other of his advisors to piss off? Has he given this any thorough thought? Is he just too obtuse to understand that there are certain lines in American politics that one shouldn’t cross? Or worse, does he understand and has decided to cross that line anyhow?

There is an ad from John McCain's campaign saying:

"Barack Obama and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers: friends. They've worked together for years."

So it's not surprising that some people going to a McCain-Palin rally think Obama is a terrorist.

David Gergen said the same thing. What gives?

I'm inclined to think along the lines of rats and sinking ships (cf. Will, George; Brooks, David; et al.), but maybe you're feeling more charitable, Norman.

I agree with cfrost about the videographer's unneccessarily confrontational approach. He asked people when they heard of Obama or Palin, but then appears to question their honesty when they reply. He also seemed to disbelieve the one woman who talked about seeing more personal interviews with Palin recently than Obama, something I think could easily be true for that person.

None of which negates the chilling fact that there are a lot of ordinary Americans out there who swallow the Fox/Limbaugh bile and actually fear or hate the Dem nominee for reasons other than his actual political record. I just think this particular video is likely to come across as slanted to an undecided or Independent voter.

Here is a link to a John McCain rally where his supporters have to be toned down by McCain:

There is more coverage of the issue at:

Why do we have to keep looking at this ugly piece of GOP white trash in the video? She's obviously the best the GOP has going for them in terms of supporters right now, but sheesh... get a room you guys, go wank off to her in private. The rest of us will thank you.

Let's hear some comment from the sophisticated Obama supporters

Save me the pretend-outrage if you would.

Ah, is this where we are in this process now? Really? I am sure someone could get the same type of footage and responses at a Biden rally about Palin or McCain. This is partisanism at its best. What did this guy think he was going to get? He knew EXACTLY what the response would be. This is not "chilling" or "shocking" as many of you want to make it out to be.

That being said, this is an example of why I have moved away from the GOP. They have indeed become less about the core principals of conservatism and morphed into this new ideology of I do not know what. But I find the DNC no better so I am stuck. It sucks!

BTW, a white trash comment? Can we get a racist alert here please! I am offended! Well, my white half is!!

That woman popping repeatedly into the lens view makes you think it must be a joke, right?
This is shocking in that it's the tiny crack opening which is the proof that we've talked of all along. These f'ers (and they're no more republicans than I am) do NOT intend to go away without a dirty dogfight.
They're so close to running the world they can taste it and we are going to snatch it away. Just barely.
I mean that as 'WE' 'THE PEOPLE' not WE the obama fans. I am not an obama fan.
That said .. of course I hope he wins. I can't look at john mccain for any length of time and it's only fair that I get to turn my tv back on again after eight long years during which I spent over half of them working like a dog trying to get that ugly goon in the white house OUT of it legally.
She kept popping in and it reminded me of one of the sesame street?? characters who would sometimes get mad and try to hog the camera and yell.


I agree with the criticism of this clip, to some extent. The videographer is creating as much as he is recording. However, this morning on the NBC news and talk shows, reporters were expressing their views that the incitements at the McCain rallies were making them fearful of violence. At the same time they were critical of Obama's innuendos of McCain as tottering and mentally feeble. Yet, they reserved the term 'fear' for what they were witnessing on the ground with McCain supporters.

They played a segment of McCain asking a rhetorical question of the rally crowd. "Does anyone know who the real Barack Obama is?" Clear within the din of the shouts from his supporters was the word, "Terrorist." McCain reveled in the crowd's enthusiastic responses and did nothing to dissuade the shouters of "Terrorist."


The BBC is covering this matter at:

It is all just so comical! Is this focusing on the issues? Of course there are whacked out people in this country willing to say stupid things in suppport of their candidate. ON BOTH SIDES!!! I mean really, do you folks think this is merely a GOP phenomenon? Oh wait, you probably do.

B-Money, I agree that this video doesn't mean to much, in that you can get crazies on both sides of the political spectrum. My problem is that, as Norman and cfrost have pointed out, McCain and Palin have encouraged associating Obama with terrorism. The Ayers connection is just ridiculous slander. If Republicans really think that briefly working with an ex-terrorist, decades later, about issues unrelated to terrorism (education reform and anti-poverty programs) is so disturbing, I can only imagine how vile they must find people who actively worked with mass murderers, while they were carrying out their murders.

I expect both sides to run negative ads, and attack each other, and in fact, think negative ads are a useful and sometimes informative part of the political process. But when McCain and Palin make such weak connections, on such inflammatory issues as "pal-ing around with terrorists," I find that disgusting. I lost a lot of respect for a conservative commentator when he explained that Gov. Spitzer was "literally" a "terrorist," because his prosecutorial misconduct had made people afraid of him. While Obama and Biden have certainly gone negative, I don't see any of their statements so inflammatory, and with such little basis.

This seems rather typical.

You don't see people at Obama or Biden speeches shouting out things like "Kill him!" or "Terrorist!".

If Obama gets elected, you'll probably see a spike in violence against abortion clinics gays, and the like, since there's always a measurable up-tick of of those kind of crimes when conservatives are out of power.

Conservatives have more of a propensity to violence, they're demonstrably pro-ignorance and pro-fear, and wear their stupidity like a badge of honor (viz their near–constant bent against academics, experts and other educated "elites" for the past 3 or 4 decades) so seeing footage like this isn't all that surprising.


What Autumnal Harvest and TB said.

I do not disagree with anything just said. But as I said, this is funny and sad to me all at the same time! For the reasons mentions by Autumal and TB, that is why I choose not to be associated with the GOP any longer. There is no place for my beliefs there any longer.

" ... that is why I choose not to be associated with the GOP any longer."

Dear god, you mean you chose to be associated with them of your own volition in the past?

Sweet Jesus ...


Do you care to be associated with the party of Reid, Pelosi, Refrigerator Jefferson and Barney Frank?

If your compass points in an independent direction, I understand and respect such thoughts.

But no honest man can see in this Democratic Party any shred of idealism or honesty. If they have a monopoly of power, there will be no checks on their avarice and you will see corruption the likes of which this country has never seen.

Phantom, I do consider myself independent at this point. I find nothing redeeming in either party at the current time. I am doing my best to sort through all the BS that is out there to vote for the candidates that I feel best represent my views as a whole, since I know that there is not one out there that mirrors me 100%. As for the POTUS election, my choice has been made for months.

TB, clearly YOU are the troll and now that I see that, I will no longer be feeding you.


I have never seen a time where so many of us, right, left, or whatever the fuck have felt so disenfranchised.

And that goes to the full gamut of far right to right to center to left to far left.

This is a bad time, and the fact that so much has been falling apart as we speak ( including the world financial system ) does not exactly inspire confidence.

Despite the many forces that tend to split the country apart, it will be interesting to see if there can be an effort to form a new party after whatever of the two unsatisfactory options is elected.

I happen to like and respect McCain, but many many many Republicans do not.

I predict great continuing division regardless of the result on November 4.


The BBC has a piece by Washington political journalist Jamie Stiehm:

I quote the first few sentences here:

"Senator John McCain's personal charms are in danger of turning into a liability as the former Navy fighter pilot looms large in the American sky.

"In private the impetuous, nearly manic nature of the Republican running for president is exhilarating - in public it's beginning to look like volatility, a cause for alarm among friends and foes alike.

"Aside from an unfortunate reference to his opponent as "that one", McCain gave a rather restrained performance on Tuesday in the debate at Nashville, Tennessee.

"It was a strategy to show voters he had, as he put it, "a steady hand at the tiller".

"But contrast the mellow McCain of Nashville to the warrior of the first debate in Oxford, Mississippi, where he gripped the podium with an expression of suppressed fury, and seemed on the verge of swinging a fist at Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

"Viewers could easily draw the conclusion that the candidate is dominated by his passing moods."

B-Money, so can I ask. . . who does a conservative disillusioned by both parties vote for? Bob Barr?

I actually think both Obama and McCain have a lot of good qualities, and are both better than average for politicians. Not amazing, but better than average. McCain strikes me as having a fair amount of integrity---perhaps not quite as much as is hyped up, but still better than an average politician. Sadly, he's behaved rather shamefully over the last year, as he saw his last chance to be President slipping away, but I have a (perhaps naive) hope that in the (unlikely) event that he wins, he'll rediscover his integrity. And as for Obama, well, I'm not religious, but I figure you can't go wrong with the Messiah!

"Dear god, you mean you chose to be associated with them of your own volition in the past? Sweet Jesus ..."

This comment by TB was completely gratuitous, unnecessarily personal, insulting, and downright hostile. B-Money gave a generous compliment to TB, agreed with him, and courageously announced her personal disillusionment with the GOP. In short, TB's response was nasty. Imagine complimenting someone you disagreed with in the past, and they respond with, "Wising up now only shows how stupid you were before you decided to agree with me."

But, this is not the first time TB delivered a barb that went beyond disagreement and targeted someone with personal invective. When confronted with the hurtfulness and inappropriateness of his remarks, he simply goes on as if he were oblivious to criticism. This has been true even when he clearly misunderstood others' comments and when he was wrong. No one should hold their breath for a clarification, correction, or, God forbid, an apology.

B-Money, you are right to say you will end feeding this trolling behavior on the part of TB. I will join you from this moment on.

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