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October 22, 2008

RNC spent $150,000 on Caribou Barbie's fantasy wardrobe

The RNC spent $150,000 outfitting Sarah Palin and her family with designer duds from Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and other temples of urban fashion since Palin joined the Republican ticket, plus an additional $4700 on hair and makeup.

That's a $150,000 outlay in a little more than a month. She wasn't really vetted, so John McCain may not have realized that Caribou Barbie's accessories were sold separately.

Meanwhile, on Main Street, increasing numbers of Americans distraught over the financial crisis are killing themselves, their pets, and their families.

Earlier this week, we learned that Sarah Palin altered travel records to retroactively justify spending public money to bring her children to public events to which they hadn't been invited.


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So when does Sarah Palin get a channel on Dish Network?

Do you know what Obama or Biden spent on clothes? Without knowing that, how can you comment on this matter?

Perhaps Rezko bought Obama a few suits before the election.

Isn't it sexist to call her "Caribou Barbie"?? I mean, since there is this moral outrage on the left about all things racist against Obama. So Lindsay, does your feminist ideology not apply to Palin, since she has differing political views than you? Is it OK to place demeaning tags on those we disagree with? Just curious.

Still found it hilarious!! And not at all surprising.

Oooh a Rezko comment! Phantom, no one is allowed to discuss Rezko, Ayers, or the Rev! Didn't you get the memo??

Isn't it sexist to call her "Caribou Barbie"?

Yes. But progressives seem to think that concerns over sexism take a backseat to Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Norm "Ken Doll" Coleman still hasn't explained whether a rich Minnesota businessman bought him suits at Nieman Marcus in Minneapolis.

Media reports say that Sarah Palin changes her outfits up to three times a day on the trail.

It's not sexist to call someone Barbie (or Ken) when you're ridiculing their ridiculously extravagant wardrobe and their pretensions down home, small town, aw shucks values.

I thought Ayers was still ok but that the Rev was off limits

I heard McCain on Imus this morning. Imus tried to get McCain to speak on Rev. Wright, but McCain wouldn't bite.

Actually, I think that Obama's worst personal associations are those with Reid and Pelosi. If he cuts ties with them, he can hang out with Ayers all he wants!

John McCain said Wright was off limits, but Honor got to be a drag and he is vacillating about possibly reversing that decision, meanwhile his surrogates are talking about Wright non-stop.

Meanwhile about that $150,000 for small down homestyle governor. Remember, Phantom how you crowed about John Edwards' $400 haircut and called him the Breck Girl?

OK fair enough LB. I do not find it sexist at all, personally. Just asking. I think it is hilarious! Hey, she needs to keep up the look! Cut her some slack! ;) (Kidding)


God I loved that. And yes I have criticized her for her wardrobe here

Looks bad, smells bad, wastes resources.

But how much has Obama spent on clothing?

Just wondering, is it illegal to spend campaign money on clothing? If not, I don't see the fuss. They're free to choose how they waste/conserve money, and if Palin's wardrobe costs them the campaign, so be it. I'm more concerned about the government bailing out AIG while AIG pays a guy they 'fired' $1 million a month to protect company secrets.


But wasting money doesn't look smart for an underfunded campaign running against a money rich campaign for a candidate who wants to help run a country with budget problems on behalf of a citizenry with budgetary problems.

What's with the million a month deal? That's really interesting. I hadn't heard about that. Got a link?

Joseph Cassano is the guy

Protecting company secrets is the worst possible interpretation

They'd say that they were paying him to help them understand the deals and to unwind them. I am not justifying the amounts here, but thats what they would say

On Obama etc., the report I saw also examined Obama/Biden's spending and saw no similar expenditures. I figure that they (and McCain) already have a lot of campaign clothing and Senate wear and haven't needed to supplement it much. (They probably picked up a few more suits here and there, but they didn't spend $150K or anything like it.)

You do realize that McCain took public financing? That means the we the taxpayer paid for 50% of her wardrobe.

Sarah Palin's wardrobe is socialist. But she got some really cool stuff. I love the suits and sweaters!

Well, since the Obama campaign has essentially destroyed the concept of public financing, Palin might as well spend the relatively tiny public funds on something nice. Perhaps she can sell them to Tina Fey on November 5

mudkitty -

The spending was by the Republican National Committee.

The RNC doesn't receive public financing; the McCain campaign does.

I don't consider the RNC spending $150,000 on the Palins' clothes to be a scandal.

It makes sense for people who are going to be on TV to have fashionable clothes.

Is there an ethical issue?

Palin presents herself as an outsider who's in touch with the problems of average Americans. I can see buying a few new clothes, but it's not like she was working as a waitress before she joined the ticket. She was the governor of Alaska, so I'm sure she had a campaign-appropriate wardrobe.

If a Democrat spent $150,000 in one month on clothing, his or her political career would come to an abrupt end. Can you imagine if Hillary was the nominee and the DNC spent a hundred and fifty grand on pantsuits?

It's just ridiculous to spend more on clothes in a month than many people's houses are worth. That's a lot even by telegenic celebrity standards.

I gather that it's unusual for a national committee to buy clothes for candidates.

If these clothes are really for campaign purposes, they can't just be added to Palin's valise, they have to be stored separately (on the plane, in green room, with the advance staff, etc.), like the wardrobe for a TV show.

"What's with the million a month deal? That's really interesting. I hadn't heard about that. Got a link?"

I'm sure it's in the transcripts of the Senate hearings on the bailouts (personally, I listened to all of them). But here's a WP link.

Lindsay, I am sure there ARE Democrats who spend this type of money on clothes. Maybe not in such a short span, but they indulge. Spending big on suits is not a party sepcific thing. Obama's suits look very custom and expensive, as do Biden's and McCain's. Let's not even talk about ole Willy boy, who is as vain as they come and ALWAYS looked very expensive.

These are politicians, they are NOT in touch with mainstream Americans problems and values. You are right that Palin presents herself such and then does something like this. Very not good, as she may say. But don't think for a minute that Obama has the pulse of Joe Six Pack, or whatever clever name is out there now for the average American. He does not either. None of these politicians do. They live high on the horse while we struggle to pay bills.

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