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October 20, 2008

SD mom lends story to fight against abortion ban

Meet my new hero, Tiffany Campbell, a 32-year-old mother of one who is making a very personal contribution to the fight against South Dakota's latest anti-abortion ballot initiative. I interviewed Tiffany on Friday for Campaign Silo.

Campbell was still pregnant and on bed rest when she reached out to the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families in 2006. There was an anti-abortion ballot measure pending at the time that would have outlawed the procedure that had just saved her baby's life. She was determined to make sure that other women would have the same choices she did.

Tiffany and her husband had chosen to abort one of their much-wanted identical twins because one of the fetuses couldn't survive outside the womb and the other would die if his heart had to keep beating for both of them.

Initiated Measure 11 would allow abortions to preserve the life or health of the mother, but experts agree that women would be forced to carry pregnancies where a non-viable fetus is dying or imperiling a healthy fetus.

The measure failed in 2006, but anti-choicers are back for more. This year, Tiffany and her husband made a series of commercials for Healthy Families in which they describe their ordeal and make the case that these decisions should be left to families and doctors, not legislators. I've included one of them in this post.


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Hi Lindsay!
My name is Paula and I'm an intern for Ms. magazine. I just came across your excellent blog post about Prop 11 and wanted to let you know about a new "Vote NO on Prop 11" video just released from the Feminist Majority Foundation, the publisher of Ms.

Please consider posting this video onto your website so it is made available to your visitors. We must do all that we can to preserve women's reproductive rights and let women know what's at risk this election!

Thanks so much!

Paula Silinger
Ms. magazine

Even though 11 technically has exceptions, they won't actually exist, because the legalese around them makes it impossible for a doctor to know what is and isn't allowed. A major hospital in South Dakota (that doesn't do elective abortions) had a memo leaked that explained that they would have to quit doing emergency abortions to save women's lives and health for fear of being imprisoned.

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