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November 06, 2008

Randy Scheunemann's dubious associations: Chalabi, Payne, Palin

John McCain's top foreign policy and national security, Randy Scheunemann, was fired in the final week of the campaign for siding with Sarah Palin in the press.

Scheunemann was one of the main domestic propagandists for the Iraq war and close associate of Ahmad Chalabi. As I reported this summer, Scheunemann was a business associate of disgraced lobbyist Stephen Payne, the guy who got caught on tape offering access to top Bush administration officials in exchange for donations to the G.W. Bush Library. Scheunemann advised McCain on the Georgian conflict, despite glaring conflicts of interest between his career as a lobbyist for Georgia and his duties as an advisor.

Sarah Palin is the universal acid burning through the Republican Party. She simply cannot be contained. I hope she runs in 2012.


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I'm also hoping for a Palin run in 2012. She's just the gift that keeps on giving as far as political schadenfreude goes. There's something about her that completely suppresses my empathy. I could feel a little sorry for McCain after he lost. For Palin, nada.

You're talking about the old Palin. Puppet Palin will be back, better trained to follow her puppet masters.

I have a sneaking suspicion that once Ted Stevens both wins his election and then resigns in disgrace, Palin will run in the special election to fill his seat.

If she were to win and go to Washington that would sure go a long way towards bulking up the credentials that were so obviously lacking this go round.

Scheunemann's a creep and an idiot.

Anybody who hires or works with him in the future would be highly suspect.

Schuenemann is quoted in a CNN article as saying that Palin had a "photographic memory" Does anyone have any email address for this guy, I think i would like to drop him a quick explanation about what it really means to have that kind of memory set. Believe me, its not what anyone really thinks it is.

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