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November 04, 2008

Republican poll-watchers banished in Philly? Even Fox says no

You may have heard that some Republican poll-watchers in Philadelphia got kicked out of a polling place because of their party affiliation. Not true. Even Fox News isn't buying it. The Fox News reporter on the scene interviewed Democratic and Republican poll-watchers and found that observers from both parties are being asked to rotate through the polling place, instead of staying inside all the time. Poll officials confirmed that all observers are being rotated through because the polling place is so crowded. An election judge was called in and pronounced the rotation arrangement legally acceptable.


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Isn't this also the spot with the Black Panthers "intimidating" voters?

Would anyone care if they actually were kicked out?

I would care. a) It would be unfair to discriminate against poll monitors based on their party affiliation, b) It would give the Republicans an opportunity to cast doubt on the outcome of the vote, even if the actual voting was on the up and up.

Voter fraud is a myth--at least the kind you can see by looking at IDs and comparing signatures at a polling place. Let the rank-and-file Republicans come to polling places and see for themselves that nothing's amiss. Maybe they'll start to question what their leaders are telling them.

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