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November 04, 2008

Yes We Can (tweet the vote)!

Eyes on the Prize, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

The big day is finally here.

Follow the action, and submit your own dispatches from the field, at twitter vote report, produced by Tech President, election protection groups, and other public spirited volunteers.


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Je ne tweet pas, but here's my report from Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Can't get to twittervote... but here in our small town in New England, it was 10 minutes in and out to vote. It was busier than I've ever seen iet, but the thing was running very efficiently. I think about 1/3 of voters had voted already by 1030 am.... a very good sign

I'm in Eric Massa's NY-29, near Rochester NY. I arrived at about 6:30 and there were about ten people in front of me, but the line ran fairly fast and I was out in 15 minutes. By then there were about 15 people in line behind me. By 10:30, 235 had voted. My electoral district only has about 400 registered voters, so the turnout will be HUGE in the ED.

Reports around Monroe County have a heavy turnout everywhere.

The airwave's here have been blanketed by Randy Kuhl (R - NY-29) and (R) Chris Lee in NY-26. Looks like they bought out almost all available TV time in the last week or two. Both tight races in heavily R districts.

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