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December 17, 2008

Contractors to oversee mercenaries in Afghanistan

What could possibly go wrong:

The U.S. military is looking to hire someone to police the growing army of hired guns in Afghanistan.

According to a solicitation released earlier this week by the coalition headquarters at Bagram Airfield, the military is looking for a contractor to run something called the "Armed Contractor Oversight Directorate." The work statement says the new office will be responsible for tracking private security companies (PSCs) -- and keeping tabs on how often they resort to force.

Among other tasks, the new office must "identify all PSC incidents to include the use of graduated force procedures and weapons discharges"; "track the status of all ongoing investigations involving PSC weapons discharges"; and "maintain regular contact with Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ministry of Interior or their representative to identify issues concerning Department of Defense (DOD) contracted PSC’s actions, incidents and procedures."[Danger Room]


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