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December 10, 2008

FBI reportedly probing Norm Coleman's ties to Nasser Kazeminy

The Pioneer Press reports that the FBI is taking an interest in Sen. Norm Coleman's ties to businessman and benefactor Nasser Kazeminy:

Federal investigators are looking into allegations that a longtime friend and benefactor tried to steer money to U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman, the Pioneer Press has learned.

Agents with the FBI have talked to or made efforts to talk to people in Texas familiar with the allegations, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Houston is where the first of two lawsuits was filed alleging Nasser Kazeminy, a Bloomington financier, tried to steer $100,000 to Coleman via his wife's Minneapolis employer. The second suit, filed in Delaware, alleges Kazeminy initially tried to get money directly to the senator. [PP]

Two lawsuits allege that Kazeminy tried to funnel $100,000 to Coleman through a Texas oil services company called Deep Marine Technology. Allegedly, Kazeminy ordered corporate officers to make payments to the Hays Insurance Company, which employs Norm's wife Laurie. The lawsuits allege that these payments were just a ruse to cover the transfer of funds and that Hays did no real work for DMT.

Coleman and Kazeminy separately deny any wrongdoing.


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I'm glad the FBI is looking into this.

The public hasn't gotten the answers to the important questions:

1. Did the Hays Insurance Company cash 3 checks for $25,000 each from DMT?

2. How much has Laurie Coleman been paid since she started working for the Hays Insurance Company?

3) How many hours did she work for that money?

If Laurie Coleman has been overpaid, that is a bribe.

I hope the FBI will give the public answers to those questions soon.

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