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December 23, 2008

Ten bucks says Dennis Prager tried the "blue balls" line in high school...

Prager's latest essay is the equivalent of the "blue balls" claim for old married guys.

"You must have sex with me because otherwise I'll die" is just too easily disproved--even in the era of abstinence-only "education."

So, for long-term relationshps, Prager suggests a three-pronged rhetorical strategy: A wife must give her husband sex whenever he wants because i) God and nature say so, ii) He's already a hero for not cheating on her (and heroes are entitled to extort anything they want from anyone), iii) How else will he know she loves him?


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Twenty bucks says he graduated a virgin.

What a delightful husband Prager must have been, before each of his divorces.

Well, that DOES explain that look on Mrs. Prager's face, now doesn't it?

The sad thing (but not even close to the saddest thing) is that on the two (okay, one-and-a-half) occasions that she did assent, Prager couldn't even get it up.

Blue Balls
(it's not what you might think)

What a wonderfully rational argument!!

Blue Balls...that's in Pennsylvania, right?

As a male, I heartily endorse this concept.

As a human being, I think Prager is a tool.

Since Prager is Jewish and to some extent observant publicly; he is Jewishly literate and is aware that Jewish tradition makes it a duty for the HUSBAND to provide sexual gratification to the WIFE, i.e. the "Mr. Roper" character from the old Three's Company sitcom is not Jewishly acceptable. Prager also knows, of course, that sexual expression between husband and wife is prohibited for a substantial portion of the menstrual cycle.

You'd think he'd let his religious tradition inform him more, and his dick less - and I say that as an apostate infidel atheist ex-Catholic goyishe kopp..

This is a how to for bad sex the best sex is when both people want it. Settling for somebody who is just going through the motions most of the time? No wonder the guy is divorced.

That's the dumbest screed I have read in weeks. What makes right-wingers think out loud at the grade-school level? He has turned the wife into a semen receptacle. SIWOTI, indeed.

Right on, ThingsComeUndone.

Besides, masturbation provides the same physiological benefit as intercourse. There's hope for Mr. Prager! :-)

"What makes right-wingers think out loud at the grade-school level?"

That's assuming they're capable of thinking at more than a grade-school level, John P

So far, I've seen precious little evidence.

That's assuming they're capable of thinking at more than a grade-school level

With the exception of the people who write for Townhall, the National Review, and the rest of the right-wing rags, they all are. It's no different from how it is with leftists, really - reading anything people on The Nation and The American Prospect or even The New Republic say about economics or trade or development makes me want to cross over to the other side.

I don't think Prager saw much "action" in high school. Because women, if you'll recall, aren't interested in sex. (It certainly would have had nothing to do with him.)

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