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December 10, 2008

Virgin Mary visible in MRI, eBay seller says

File under: "Help Themselves, Lord Helps Those Who"

A 42-year-old cancer survivor is auctioning off one of her own MRIs on eBay to pay for further treatment. She claims the the Virgin Mary appears in this scan.


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Is it both a rabbit and a duck?

On the one hand, I feel badly that this woman is selling her MRI for more treatment, which she has a right to. On the other hand, I see the Virgin Mary even less in this than I do in that salt stain on the south side of Chicago, or the grilled cheese, or that tomato a few years ago.

Perhaps it doesn't help that I'm not a Catholic. Good luck to that poor woman, though. I feel for her.

I think I saw this as a comic strip already...

Looks more like Jesus to me. Or Rasputin. Speaking of which.

Not even high on crack could I see the Virgin Mary in the MRI. I can't blame the person for trying to make money. It's not like health care coverage and the economy are going to get better soon.

At the risk of seeming perverse, I'd say the image is more vagina/clitoris/labia than Virgin Mary.

I actually saw that too, but I didn't want to be the first pervert to speak up.

Lovely. Kind of says it all about the U.S. “health care” system. Maybe the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops could take some time away from whining about the unborn to help her out. Maybe they could excommunicate any Catholic politician that obstructs health care reform. Or maybe not. Ave Maria.

I have seen a variety of things, but this time, I saw the Emperor. Damn Sith! I guess we know where the cancer came from!

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