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January 26, 2009

Annals of Dubious Self-Promotion: Mr. Sparky


Would you hire an electrician nicknamed Mr. Sparky?


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Is he now, or has he ever been on speaking terms with Mr. Electrical Fire?

Actually, Sparky is a very common nickname for electricians, and in WWII, radiomen were sometimes nicknamed "Sparks"

Well, he appears to command electricity and even maybe be made from it so I'm thinking that he'd be a good guy to hire. Like hiring someone made completely of bullshit to deal with the GOP.

Is it me or the logo really doesn't make any sense.

Mister Sparky is a lightbulb, holding a lightning bold and a clock. They seems so... random.

if Mister sparky is "fast electrician (watch, clock) then what's up with the lightbulb? Is he bright? Is lightbulb represent electricity? (seems overkill with lightning bold in his hand)

The glowing lightbulb shows that he knows how to use the electricity, that he's comfortable with it.

I think its brilliant!

Nothing succeeds like excess. People will remember this cartoon guy.

Actually, I might. The implication could be made that if they are intimate with sparks, then they'd probably know how to prevent them, right? Sparky is a memorable name too. Plus I hate waiting around for electricians, plumbers, cable guys. This makes the "on time" component oh-so-appealing.

But I've spent time in Washington. If I can't trust people in DC with my money (or in some neighborhoods my life), I'm going to be very careful who I hire to re-wire my townhouse.

Andrew Sullivan Is A Fraud

In Australia, the nick name for an electrician is "sparky".

I'd say that truck is about par for the course as far as corniness in advertising goes, so I might hire him. However, I would draw the line at an electrician who actually *introduced* himself as Mr. Sparky.

Too bad they are related to One Hour Heating and Ben Franklin Plumbing. All three companies are into selling NOT actualing knowing how to preform the job. OVERPRICED FOR SURE WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE

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