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January 20, 2009

Beyerstein joins Washington Independent

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Maybe you noticed that the tagline for Majikthise changed from "Freelance journalist" to "Developing..."

That's because I started a new full-time job as the money and politics reporter for the Washington Independent. The money and politics beat includes influence peddling broadly construed (lobbying, campaign finance, grassroots activism) as well as public corruption and good government issues.

Expect a lot of coverage of the stimulus package in the weeks ahead, like this post about how the House Democrats' version of the stimulus bill includes $650 million dollars for digital-to-analog TV converter box coupons, more money than the entire budget of OSHA.

The work I do for the Windy is completely separate from my own private blogging at Majikthise, which will continue. I just can't call myself a freelance journalist anymore.


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Money and politics, huh? You must have a whole bureau just to cover Chicago. Congratulations on the new gig.

Congratulations! May you earn great loyalty and emnity from your readership and the corrupt, respectively.

Well, we all can't wallow in the smugness of being "Free-lance." ;)

Big time congrats. Looking forward to your work.


Congratulations, Lindsay.

Congrats, Lindsay! Good luck with the commute!

Very good. Congratulations.


You could always change it to, "Lindsay Beierstein, reasonably-priced-lance journalist."

Careful. Between this and the health news gig you could become a member of the MSM.

I've got your first tip here- someone stole the treacle tarts, and the goddamn corporate media won't even return my phone calls.

Fantastic news. Congratulations. If I had to pick a beat for you (for my own personal reasons, seeing as I want you to blog it) it would be this one.

Does this mean you'll be moving to DC?

Congrats to you, Lindsay.

Good luck at your new job.

Grats, Lindsay! All the best...and good luck! One would think this new year will have lots of interesting news to follow.

Brava! Wonderful news.

Mazal tov! You know, someday they'll be looking for a replacement for Rachel Maddow...

Mazel tov!

Congrats, Lindsay! We get a tough (but hot) reporter on the beat; you get, in a tough economy, a job that will never run out.

Congratulations, Lindsay

Mazel Tov on the new gig! Enjoy your new regular salary, benefits, and all of the other evil boojie perks. :D Let me know once you're settled and we can grab a drink!

Very glad to see that you have your own RSS feed over there, too. Congratulations!

You will do a great job there, Lindsay. I will have to add the Windy to my blogroll now that they have reached for unassailable integrity.

As someone who has already made the leap from blogging to the Center for Independent Media, and as someone who has frequently linked to your work and had the chance to meet you in 2007 at YearlyKos in Chicago, I am absolutely thrilled that you've joined up with us. I saw "lbeyerstein" on an email list this morning and immediately emailed the higher ups asking, "Did Lindsey Beyerstein join CIM recently?" Great news. Welcome to the group.

Great going, Lindsay! Give 'em hell!. Oh, and remember to speak truth to power, and keep 'em honest! But, you don't need me to tell you that. Good luck!

Congrats, Lindsay :)

Greatly enjoy your blog; great reporting. Congrats on the new gig.

Lindsay Beyerstein is a gifted documentarian/observationist photographer and fearless ball-breaker journalist, in the best I.F. Stone tradition. This woman has accomplished so much, and those of us lucky enough to have seen her work so far know that she is going to go very, very far. I hope she'll still talk to us little people.

Heartfelt congratulations Miss Beyerstein. Give 'em hell.

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