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January 20, 2009

Beyerstein joins Washington Independent

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Maybe you noticed that the tagline for Majikthise changed from "Freelance journalist" to "Developing..."

That's because I started a new full-time job as the money and politics reporter for the Washington Independent. The money and politics beat includes influence peddling broadly construed (lobbying, campaign finance, grassroots activism) as well as public corruption and good government issues.

Expect a lot of coverage of the stimulus package in the weeks ahead, like this post about how the House Democrats' version of the stimulus bill includes $650 million dollars for digital-to-analog TV converter box coupons, more money than the entire budget of OSHA.

The work I do for the Windy is completely separate from my own private blogging at Majikthise, which will continue. I just can't call myself a freelance journalist anymore.


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Fab! Nothing like a good gig. I’d offer some sage advice here, but I’m busy trying to find the source of these high-pitched sounds. As if the voices in my head weren’t enough trouble . . . .

That's great news, Lindsay!


Lindsay, I'm delighted for you and heartbroken for me. You've done some of the best journalism I've ever seen.

And your photography doesn't suck, either.

Best wishes from a long-time fan.

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