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March 12, 2009

Exclusive interview with a GITMO guard

The Talking Dog interviews former military police officer Terry Holdbrooks, Jr., who served as a prison guard at the Guantanamo Bay detention center between 2003 and 2004.

Holdbrooks says he and his fellow military police got a lot of propaganda, including a visit to Ground Zero before they shipped out,  but not much guard training before they were dispatched to guard detainees billed as too dangerous to be contained within the U.S. legal system:

As to "professionalism"... that was just not a word I would use to describe guards at Guantanamo, other than when VIPs such as my home state's esteemed Senior Senator John McCain or generals, diplomats or other dignitaries showed up, when suddenly, everything would appear to be in perfect order. Otherwise, most guards were just eager to leave, and new guards were disappointed to be there. (While the guards were less than professional, the medical staffs, usually Navy and Marine Corpsmen were quite professional... patient care was patient care, whether the patient was an American or an accused terrorist.)

These detainees were supposedly so dangerous that they couldn't be housed at Fort Leavenworth or any other US Supermax facility. Yet the military felt comfortable entrusting them to military police officers who had never worked as prison guards before.

Kinda of makes you wonder whether the military believed its rhetoric about the terrible dangers these detainees would pose if they were ever allowed within the U.S. legal system.


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