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March 15, 2009

GOP=Grand Old Performance art

A freshman Republican Congressman from Florida has introduced a bill to require presidential candidates to produce their birth certificates:

Rep. Bill Posey, a freshman Republican from Florida, is now putting forward a bill that should be good news for a particular demographic that cares a whole lot about their issue: Those folks out there who insist that President Obama hasn't offered a birth certificate to prove he's a natural-born U.S. citizen.

CNN reports that Posey has submitted a bill to require all presidential candidates to submit a birth certificate -- which Posey says is needed in order to remove this issue as a reason to question any president's legitimacy. [TPMDC]

Stay relevant, Republicans.


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Rep. Posey's bill is code for an 'only-white-folks-may-run-for-president' amendment to the constitution.

How many conservatives describe President Obama as either the messiah or a Kenyan born foreigner? Just about every single f-ing one of them.

Rep. Posey is playing to his racist base. That's what this is all about.

I hope Republicans keep this sort of shit up for the next 4 years. It will make President Obama's reelection just that much easier... If Obama were a white man, I believe Republicans would be running for the woods in fear. Instead, his skin becomes a lightning rod for latent racism, and a reason for misguided white folks to smear, dismiss outright and even call him un-american.

The last election woke America up, but apparently the Republicans didn't get the message. Perhaps when they have less than 33 Senators, less than 100 Representatives and only a handful of Governorships in places like Utah they will change their undercover racist ways.

President Obama should reach out to Rep. Bill Posey and water down his next proposal to meet Posey's objections in the hope of getting his support.

Or not.

Birth certificates? How about we get to look at president's, and for that matter all members of congress's SAT scores.

President Obama has NOT released proof of his U.S. birth. Thanks to idiosynchratic Hawaii law, it is possible for someone born outside that state to be registered as 'Born in the USA'. The document shown on the FightTheSmears site does not indicate whether-or-not he was actually born in Hawaii.

Obama has been very candid about things such as his cocaine use, but not on this matter. It's easy to dismiss the 'birthers' as conspiracy theorists, but Obama's attempts to thwart ANY disclosure of his records (Birth Certificate, Passport, College Records) rightfully fuels suspicion.

For someone who was so candid abot things like his cocaine use, why the secrecy?

Also, why does NOBODY seem to remember his birth in HI? I'm just a typical hazel-eyed/brown-haired white guy, but non-family members (including the doctor who delivered me, whom I ran into recently) remember me AND my mom. Surely, SOMEBODY in HI (where the population is largely Caucasian and/or Asian) recalls an older, black guy with a British accent, his young, Midwestern wife and the mullatto kid with the odd name? Also, Obama's been an elected official, published a popular autobiography and even been all over the media (e.g., a dedicated Oprah show). Why is it that the only recollections of his birth are from Kenya? Now, 'they' want to make a docudrama about his birth...

Why did the COLB have the number redacted & why was his dad's race given as 'African' (NEVER the usage of that era)? How did he travel to Pakistan, when--at the time--they didn't accept U.S. passports?

Something doesn't add up here. AD HOMINEM attacks of 'racism' and dismissing every question as 'craziness' are merely dodging a legitimate question.

Lindsay: I'd be a little worried about this. The Republicans are acting like idiots, which is good for the reelection prospects of the Democrats. However, at a longer range than 2 years, it encourages the Democrats to be ideological and insular, as the Republicans were when they were euphoric after 2004. As we saw in 2005, the crash can be spectacular and rapid. That can happen to Obama, too - for example, if the Republicans manage to get a leader who has the minority outreach of Bush and can credibly kick the racists out of the coalition.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 provides born citizenship to any children of mothers who are (1) American citizens and (2) held their primary residence in the United States for any three consecutive years. See this State Department memo for details. Obama could have been born on Mars and he would still be eligible by birth for the presidency.

Contra ACS, quibbling about Obama's birth certificate and location is pure conspiracy-mongering; they are not legitimate questions, nor are they asked in good faith.

TB said:
"The document shown on the FightTheSmears site does not indicate whether-or-not he was actually born in Hawaii."


Why do you say that? On the form, it says that the "City, Town or Location of Birth" is "Honolulu." Plain as day.

It's an official State of Hawaii document, which means that the state takes responsibility for the accuracy of all the information it contains.

My mistake -- I was responding to ACS, not TB!

Thanks to idiosynchratic Hawaii law, it is possible for someone born outside that state to be registered as 'Born in the USA'.

Thanks to idiosynchratic US law, it is possible for someone to be born in Panama and be registered as 'Born in the USA.'

Just throwing that out for no reason.

Unless you're John Kerry, military service erases all past wrongdoing.

"mullatto"? Dead giveaway. You're a racist jerk, surprise-surprise.

His Father was a Kenyan not an American. Therefore he was born a Brit, like his dad. That's all it takes to show he is not NATURAL BORN! Citizen & Natural Born Citizen are not the same thing. He is not NATURAL BORN, (is he even a "Citizen"?) Obots want their Marxist God so bad they can not look upon the truth, they would turn to stone, or at least have to get stoned! Had to be stoned to vote for that one. America!, stand up and be heard! How about another Tea Party? He is a Brit you know!

You're cute old1. Can you afford to spend so much on all that tinfoil?

Tinfoil Hattie is not the same poster as old1. I just thought I should point that out in the strongest possible terms. TH is sane and reasonable.

Now there's a Kenyan father=British subject subtheory making the rounds like some new, mutant strain of influenza? Wow. That's a whole new level of stupid. i) Obama was born in the USA, ii) His mother was a natural-born American. Either of those two would suffice, but both happen to be true. Give it up, you racist self-important cretins.

Tinfoil Hattie is not the same poster as old1. I just thought I should point that out in the strongest possible terms.

How do you know that? (I'm not challenging your conclusion, just wondering if you have access to information about the identity of posters that would support it.)

No fancy personal info required. I've known Tinfoil Hattie online for several years. She's a regular poster on a lot of feminist blogs. She's not the same person as old1.

If I'd wanted to compare the IP addresses or the user-supplied email addresses, I could have, but I didn't in this case.

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that old1 was Tinfoil Hattie, just that he, apparently, uses a LOT of tinfoil to protect himself from those government thought control rays.

BTW, the people saying that Obama had UK citizenship at birth are correct... it just isn't at all relevant. Even if he STILL had dual citizenship Obama could be president. The only requirements are that the person be over 35, reside in the US, and be a 'natural born citizen' of the US... whether they were/are also citizens of one or more other countries is irrelevant.

Obama was born in Hawaii... as confirmed by his birth certificate (regardless of which form was used it is a valid birth certificate that lists his place of birth and which has been verified by the state), newspaper announcements at the time, pictures, et cetera. Even if both his parents had been non-citizens he could be president. Even if he left the US the day after he was born, became a citizen of a fourth country (in addition to the US and the two from his parentage) and never returned until he was 35 he could be president so long as he had never renounced his US citizenship and lived here now.

All that said, even if Obama WASN'T born in Hawaii... he'd still be a citizen since birth because the laws in effect at the time (and still) conferred US citizenship on anyone with even ONE parent who was a lifelong US citizen. Now, there IS a view which holds that 'citizen since birth' is not synonymous with 'natural born citizen'... that you can only be 'natural born' if you were actually born in the US. The Supreme Court has never ruled on the issue. However, if they WERE to adopt such a position it would have invalidated John McCain's candidacy... because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone, which is not a US state or one of the specific US territories wherein all children born, regardless of parent nationality, are automatically US citizens. McCain inherited citizenship from his parents... just as Obama would have if he were NOT born in the US. Thus, the only way Obama would not be a valid presidential candidate would be if he weren't born in Hawaii (which he clearly was) AND the Supreme Court issued a new ruling which excluded citizens who inherited the status solely from their parents (rather than place of birth) from being president... which would also have blocked McCain. And Goldwater. And a half dozen other previous candidates.

As to Posey's bill. Yeah, providing a birth certificate would prevent the whole problem... except Obama has DONE that and the racist wackjobs haven't gone away. I call them "racist" wackjobs, rather than just wackjobs in general, because of the aforementioned fact that John McCain and many other candidates going back many decades now never had their citizenship challenged in this manner. No, it's only the black guy who has the nut cases up in arms and looking for any pretext to defy the constitutionally mandated will of the people.

CB: I'm with you up until "It's only the black guy." In 2000, a lot of Democrats believed Bush stole the election, and it's pretty clear that if the Supreme Court had ruled the other way, a lot of Republicans would say Gore stole the election. Anyone who spent any time on the Democratic Underground circa 2002-3 could recite endless stories about Republican conspiracies to steal elections, threaten Democrats with anthrax, and declare martial law.

CB, that's a strange parsing of 'natural born'; would being delivered by c-section disqualify someone from the presidency too?

Hawaii people all find this birth certificate stuff really insulting. It's as if NONE of our birth certificates are any good.

I'm with you up until "It's only the black guy."

No one would have claimed that Bush or Gore or any hypothetical white 2008 Democratic president was "not really American," though.

I think drawing a comparison between the birth certificate kerfluffle and outrage over the 2000 SCOTUS decision is a false equivalence. The birth-cert delusionals are more comparable to the "9/11 was an inside job"-types. The difference is that the birth certificate thing is being pushed by the mainstream of the Republican party onto the rank-and-file activists.

I never got e-mails from my liberal friends asking me to sign a petition about investigation into Bush's role in planning the 9/11 attacks. I get such things all the time from conservative people about the Obama birth certificate.

Doesn't The Phantom want to chime in on this one?

They didn't have to say Bush or Gore wasn't really American; the victory was narrow enough that they could just cast doubt on the legitimacy of the vote count. For the record, I read posts on Daily Kos casting doubt on McCain's eligibility because he was born in Panama. With each election, people use what they can. The fact that the Republicans are using the "He's not really American" against someone with a non-citizen father doesn't show the GOP is inherently racist any more than the "Ann Coulter is a man" and "Ross Douthat is gay" themes show the Dems are inherently sexist. Idiocy is bipartisan.

Idiocy is bipartisan.

Idiocy is bipartisan, but the GOP is inherently racist. I'm not sure if the Dems are inherently sexist, but they are certainly inherently homophobic. Probably sexist too.

Also re: racism, liberal pundits have been quite willing to use nativist or racist insults against immigrants and minorities who support Republicans. Some of them take cues from black people like Steve Gilliard, but others make up things on their own. I don't think the people who bash David Frum for being Canadian are themselves Canadian, nor do I think the people who apologize for the Minutemen, like David Sirota, are Hispanic.

Home delivery, no anesthetics, midwife, scented candles?

Obots want their Marxist God so bad. . .

Old1 - Yo, Rip Van Winkle, you didn't get the memo a few years back? The Berlin wall came down, Castro's a decrepit old geezer, and China now manufactures American flags along with all the other patrio-kitsch you've got littering up your house. (That's right, your cherished Franklin Mint John Wayne commemorative plate was actually made by Chi-com Reds; at a considerable profit, sucker.)

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