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March 10, 2009

Help Pecunium name his dream assignment

Pecunium, a talented photographer and writer (and onetime Majikthise guest blogger), is entering a contest called Name Your Dream Assignment.

First prize is a $50,000 grant to shoot the assignment of the photographer's dreams. I've blogged about this contest before. A previous winner traveled around the world documenting the epidemic of drug resistant tuberculosis.

Pecunium dreams of traversing Great Britain on foot, by bridle path and barge:

England is a wealth of history. The motor car is new. For all the time before that people got around on lanes, and highways, which are now byways and backpaths. I want to wander them, recording what I find.

Time and place are two of the things a photograph lets us share.. It’s done by controlling time and light. With enough time the passage of the seasons and the changing of the ages can be shown.

I've always wanted to live the life of a tinker; this lets me mingle that with photography. I'm used to living light (16 years in the army will teach one to live out of a bag). I want the chance to soak up the country, and share it with the rest of you. From the Isles on the North Sea, to the Cliffs of Dover, the Cities of London, York, Inverness and Cardiff; the hills of Wales, the Mountains of Scotland and the rolling landscapes between. The dewponds and millstreams, people and wildlife, the battlefields, and the wheatfields, the modern wonders, and the ancient ones.

I can write. I've done descriptive writing, and I can take pictures. Macro to wide-angled, details and the big picture. I can do it.

I have the time, and can do a good trip (at least 6 months, and probably 9, with two people, after taxes.). I’ve thought it out. I can spare a year for going walkabout, and I can share the experience. I can detail the cold mornings, the starlit evenings. The kindnesses of strangers and the sense of wonder which comes of exploring something at once foreign, and familiar. To speak English is to be, at least a little, connected to England.

With your vote, I can do this. With your vote I can share this.

I voted for Pecunium's idea and I encourage others to do likewise. You can register and vote here.


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I'd be a lot more likely to vote, if Pecunium didn't refer to "Great Britain" and "England" as though they are synonymous. They're not, this might help.


Jess, I know that. My only explanation is that it was written in a ferment. Once I hit post, it was done. Edits aren't allowed. I'd like to repair it, but everyone who has already voted for it would have to be able to vote for the new version.

I could make excuses, but I screwed it up, because "England" has a resonance. We don't hear people saying, "There will always be a Great Britain", which was used, by the British, to refer to Great Britain.

Evocation is a tool. I'm sorry I failed you.

All I can ask is you judge the project on its merits, not my rhetorical flaws.

My new year's resolution on that solecism was that every time I saw a blog post which referred to the United Kingdom as England, I would post a comment referring to the United States as Texas. Can you vote if you're not Texan?

I'll buy pecunium a drink if he comes through Sheffield.

lol.(above) I'm voting for him. I'm an english lass whose family hailed from great britain. (etc..) However, when I talk with the british I do call myself British. i want to GO !!!

I talk with the british I do call myself British. i want to GO !!!

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