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March 20, 2009

Lindsay profiled on Normblog

Thanks to Norm Geras of normblog for inviting me to participate in his weekly blogger profile series. You can read my profile here.


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I'm just curious - how would you make the US tax system more progressive? Would you just impose a 90% tax on income above 250k, as the House did for people in finance?

Going back to the top marginal tax rates during the part of the Reagan era when income on the top bracket was taxed at 50% would be a good start.

I don't really care what the government does with bonuses for government-owned companies like AIG. Whatever they do, it should be consistent with their treatment of unionized autoworkers.

I figured. But do you think, as some liberals do, that this should only start at very high incomes, like $1 million, or at a lower one, like the ~$100,000 that the British Columbian 44% federal+provincial income tax rate starts at?

I didn't know you were a Red Sox fan. What do you think of the upcoming season? Sox look good, but I worry about that Yankees pitching staff, esp. Burnett.

Have you ever played golf?

I have played golf a few times. More on the Sox later. :)

"Hendrick Hertzberg." Very droll.

WOW. Our political heroes are an exact match! .. our dinner guests are a 2/3 match. I wouldn't change at ALL and I don't think you would either as you said...(don't worry about money .. here's my secret .. laugh if you will when next you see an oak leaf falling from your favorite oak tree grab it before it hits the ground and then tuck it in your wallet or purse FOREVER) Now that I've exposed myself to public ridicule (not for the first time) I'll just say that worrying about money is a waste of time. I worried in the past as I have a great deal of responsibility but one day I put that aside. AND, I did DO my lucky trick.
I've discovered all the worrying never changed a damn thing and made me waste my time and everything has always worked out almost perfect (for me, my idea of perfect) Anyway ... don't you agree that everything always works out? Yes it does.
ON the other hand I'd about kill to live in NY and there YOU are.
I loved reading the interview. THANKS NORM !!!!
Also .. your boss is a lovely lady (above post) didn't want to color the post with a looks-related comment first thing. LMAO.
Good show, Lindsay !

and ALSO everyone should ADVERTISE WITH MAJIKTHISE. Am I yelling??

-->> Do you have any prejudices you're willing to acknowledge? > I am prejudiced against the New York Yankees. <<--

Be nice.

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