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April 27, 2009

Newsweek raves for Darcy James Argue's "Infernal Machines"

Darcy James Argue, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

Seth Colter Walls of Newsweek gave Darcy's new album, Infernal Machines, a rave review.

Props to Seth and Newsweek for spotlighting a young artist working outside the commercial mainstream.

Listen to a preview of Infernal Machines on the New Amsterdam Records website. (LINK UPDATED)


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hoooray! go darcy! up the secret society!

damn son, ain't it great to be noticed?

Congrats, Darcy; I look forward to picking it up next month

Congratulations, Darcy and Lindsay. Looking forward to adding the CD to my playlist.

You go Dude!

I haven't heard the music from the album, but if it's on a par with Secret Society's performances, it deserves every rave, and is money well-spent.

Rest assured that it'll get some airplay in the crucial radio market of southeastern KY. :)

congratulations Darcy. Hope the word gets out and you go on and on.

This is great news, we can't have too much Secret Society.
But I have to wonder, why make us wait?

Evoking Dave Stewart's music can be risky in praising a jazz man, but the photo evokes Annie Lennox's words: "He's a man with a mission/ Got a serious mind."

I look forward to the Alice Tully Hall Concerts...soon! Congrats!

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