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April 23, 2009

Ezra Klein to the Washington Post

Blogger Ezra Klein, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

Ezra Klein, progressive blogger, health care policy wonk, and dark overlord of the shadowy Journolist, hits the big time, a job with the Washington Post:

The American Prospect's Ezra Klein, one of the top bloggers on politics and policy, is heading to the Washington Post.

Rumors about Klein's upcoming move spread on Wednesday night during a reception thrown by The Nation magazine in honor of D.C. bureau chief Chris Hayes.

A Post spokesperson confirmed to POLITICO this morning that Klein was hired as a blogger at and is expected to start in about a month.

Klein, a 24-year-old associate editor at the Prospect, writes frequently on health care issues. And he also runs JournoList, an off-the-record listserv of mostly left-of-center bloggers and academics, along with non-partisan reporters.

Earlier this year, TPM's Greg Sargent, another well-known blogger, joined the Washington Post Company's WhoRunsGov site, where he writes The Plum Line blog. [POLITICO]

Congratulations to Ezra. Eat your heart out, Ross Douthat.


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I'm impressed. Congrats to Ezra. And he will catch holy hell if writing for the WaPo changes him!

Wait, what? Douthat's NYT offer was rescinded?

That's wonderful news. Congratulations, Mr. K.!

I'm impressed. Congrats to Ezra. And he will catch holy hell if writing for the WaPo changes him!

If his job there is at all important, it'll change him. Beltway insiders are made, not born.

He's 24? What the hell could he possibly know about anything?

What, other than virtually every action throughout his entire career, could have suggested that Ezra Klein aspired to Washington establishment status? I, for one, feel betrayed.

And he will catch holy hell if writing for the WaPo changes him!

Hopefully they'll at least talk him out of his incessant references to himself and his posts as "wonkish". I know he's compensating for a lack of work experience in his field and the attendant insecurity, but all the "Here's my wonkish take on the problem, as a wonk" is a bit much.

A " progressive blogger " to the Washington Post

Won't do too much to disspell allegations of liberal bias in the dying big media

They have people from all sides as bloggers, I think. The main prize, the regular column, is way more exclusive. Ezra Klein may have a shot at it in 2030, if the WaPo is still alive by then.

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