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April 10, 2009

Practice safe text

Yesterday, I blogged about Bob Quick, the senior British counter-terrorism official who was forced to step down after being photographed carrying top secret plans for a major raids scheduled for later that day. The documents were clearly legible.

The Guardian has published a redacted photo of the document Quick carelessly exposed on his way to meet the Prime Minister. 

Remember kids, always practice safe text. Put a sheath on that top-secret dossier.

[HT: Ken Silverstein]


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I saw that on the news last night ... Sweet Jesus what a boneheaded move.

I used to work in a place that did some classified work. You'd hear stories like this from within the classified community all the time at the security briefings---sort of as "don't do this" warnings.

One story was about a guy who attended a classified meeting, and then wrote up meeting notes and emailed them to a whole department at his company. Yes, it was just ordinary office email. Yes, the notes revealed classified information. And yes, he was fired.

Another time, some guy was flying back from a meeting where he'd received classifed documents, and he got the boneheaded idea to just take them out and read them on the plane, where any nearby passenger could see them. Unfortunately for the idiot, one of the nearby passengers was a military officer who reported the incident. The guy was fired.

This stuff happens all the time.

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