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April 28, 2009

Sebelius confirmed

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Secretary of Health and Human Services. And about time too, what with world tottering on the verge of a global pandemic and all.

Still, we're all grateful that the Republicans took the extra time to make really, really sure Obama's pro-choice nominee is pro-choice.


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The Republican's hissy fit over Sebelius' nomination is underscored today by Arlen Specter's jumping ship from the GOP garbage scow. The Republicans have become the party of crackpot ideologues, conspiracy theorists, religious fanatics, retrograde segregationists, and bark-at-the-moon lunatics. Sebelius is not a bomb-throwing, lesbian nation, feminist guerilla. She was the governor of Kansas for Christ's sake - hardly an Emma Goldman. The Repub fanatics are so blinded in their foam-at-the-mouth zealotry that they can no longer find their ass with both hands.

Speaking of which, this is the most fun you'll have today.

Notably, the two Republican Senators from Kansas both voted for confirmation (as did the aging crackpot from my home state of MO). Guess she can't be that bad.

Cass' link should be read along with this one by Bill Maher in the LA Times.

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