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April 16, 2009

Snakes on a plane

An Australian airliner was grounded after baby pythons got loose in the cargo hold.

The babies were part of shipment of 12 Stimson's pythons. The remaining snakes were initially suspected of eating their companions, but they were quickly exonerated by a weigh-in.

Passengers were moved to another plane as the missing snakes remained at large. "They're not endangered so a decision was made to fumigate..." said a Quantas employee.


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You mean it didn't take Samuel L. Jackson's heroics to save the plane? That's an outrage!

nothing says "real life is too mundane"
like an uneventful case of snakes on a plane
they decide to play in the cargo bay
while the other 8 snakes said "hey, we'll just stay
right here in our foam box. no need to get lost
and fumigated before the next flight takes off"

to hear my full rap summary, watch:

Few people ever saw the under-hyped sequels to that particular Samuel L. Jackson masterpiece (quite possibly the finest film ever made in the English language): Lizards on a Boat, Rats on a Bus, Roaches in a Van and, my personal favorite, Walruses on a Segway.

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