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April 22, 2009

Video: The Gaythering Storm

Funny or Die parody...

...of the National Organization for Marriage anti-gay marriage spot:
...the outtakes of which were exposed by the Human Rights Campaign, and broadcast on the Rachel Maddow Show:


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Teleprompters are fundamental. Even if the clips on Maddow were showing real, everyday, gay-marriage hating folks, the reading skill level demonstrated during the outtakes is beyond atrocious. If these people are paid actors...where did they dredge up such sloppy script readers?

Reading from the tele-prompt is probably the easiest part of the entire television/film production process. C-grade porno stars read their lines with more clarity and conviction than what was portrayed via the Maddow outtakes.


I don't think your grade as a porno star is based on how well you read.

TB - win.

Personally, when my marriage ended, I did blame Queer America.

Not for the end of the marriage, of course, but for their lack of compassion in their failure to invade my neighborhood and gentrify my suburban breeder hamlet BEFORE we sold our townhouse at a substantial haircut.

Nah, they partied in Dupont Circle and Mt. Vernon in Baltimore. Did they "storm" 21136? No. not even a drizzle. Insufferable ingrates.

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