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April 02, 2009

Weird crafts: Dismembered Barbie jewelry and Katamari-enhanced thrift store art

Picture 1 Margaux Lange is an art jeweler in Brooklyn, New York who specializes in ornaments fashioned from dismembered Barbie Dolls. The aesthetics and craftsmanship of her work are really impressive. Check out Lange's portfolio (sorta NSFW) and follow her career on her blog.

In other weird craft news, Boing Boing presents an artist who specializes in painting Katamari Damacy images into thrift store paintings, thereby vastly improving their aesthetic value. The artist, loudxmouse, even does custom work, available on Etsy. 


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The Barbie jewelry is neat. Not something I'd buy for myself but I see the design, style and workmanship that is behind it and it's neat.

Where does she find all the Barbie/Ken body parts?
I'm imagining the artist looting plastic "ivory" from a creepy Barbie elephants' graveyard.

That's way cool.

It's a pleasure to show Margaux's work (hit Expensive Jewelry on Dave Barry's blog). No one is neutral. Love. Hate. Laughter. All kinds of responses, but always a response!

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