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May 02, 2009

Extreme sheepherding with LEDs

Via Democracy Arsenal. A clip of Welsh shepherds who dress their sheep up on LED-studded vests and herd them in elaborate formations that resemble fireworks displays from above. I'm waiting for a follow-up post from DA on how this remarkable achievement can be harnessed for national security.


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I can't believe no one has commented on this yet.

I almost never Email links. Emailed this one though.

And I almost never laugh out loud at stuff I see online. Dunno why - I'm just not wired right? But I laughed out loud at this.

Thanks for posting it!

Saw this awhile ago. It's brilliant.

I lived in Germany in the early '60s. It was not uncommon then to see flocks of sheep herded around in more or less urban environments. A shepherd and his dogs would fan the sheep out in an orchard, lawn, graveyard, or whatever, mow the grass, round them up and move them down the road (or sidewalk even!) to the next patch of grass. The shepherds dressed for whatever the weather demanded, and would carry a crook and a rucksack. I can't recall ever seeing the crook used. The shepherds would control the flocks completely with their dogs, using mostly whistles, yips, and monosyllabic commands, never having to move faster than a walk. The dogs did all the work with unflagging relish. Within a few years that was gone, replaced by roaring, god-damned lawn mowers.

I am trying to figure out how long hey do the prep and logistic. That's a lot of sheep.

It's a commercial; at the end they ask you to buy a TV from a certain firm.

Plus, this is NOT real - just some bad CGI.

Cool idea for an advert, though.

How do the sheep feel about this?

I have no idea about the what the sheep's feeling.

OMG, you realize that it's inevitable that this is going to set off an international competition?

The Kiwis are going to have to top this.

Sony does cool high-concept ads for their LCDs and airs them in Europe. In the US, advertisers generally want the product more front-and-center.

You should look up the Bravia ad from a couple of years ago, where they dumped a truckload of superballs down one of those steep San Francisco streets.

It looked better, of course, in HD.

where they dumped a truckload of superballs down one of those steep San Francisco streets.

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