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May 19, 2009

Mexico police chief accused of running narco death squad

The police chief of Tapachula, two of his commanders, and the city's former head of public safety were arrested on suspicion of running a death squad for Los Zetas in southern Mexico over the weekend:

Police in southern Mexico, meanwhile, said they arrested a gang of at least six Gulf cartel assassins, including two women, who were allegedly commanded by top police officers.

The police chief, two commanders and a former public safety director in the city of Tapachula, near the Guatemala border, were also detained on suspicion of leading the hit gang.

The suspects allegedly worked for the Zetas, a gang of enforcers linked to the Gulf cartel. Police and soldiers seized dozens of grenades and assault rifles during the weekend raid in which the alleged assassins were captured, state prosecutors said.

Drug corruption scandals have blossomed across Mexico recently — in states far from the U.S. border region, where the drug battles have long been concentrated. [AP]

The original Los Zetas were defectors from the Mexican special forces who found that they could make a better living by changing sides in the drug war. The United States played a key role in training the Mexican special forces to fight the drug war in the late 1990's.


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