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May 05, 2009


More sleaze from John Murtha. This time, no-bid defense contracts for his nephew:

The headquarters of Murtech, in a low-slung, bland building in a Glen Burnie business park, has its blinds drawn tight and few signs of life. On several days of visits, a handful of cars sit in the parking lot, and no trucks arrive at the 10 loading bays at the back of the building.

Yet last year, Murtech received $4 million in Pentagon work, all of it without competition, for a variety of warehousing and engineering services. With its long corridor of sparsely occupied offices and an unmanned reception area, Murtech's most striking feature is its owner -- Robert C. Murtha Jr., 49. He is the nephew of  Rep. John P. Murtha, the Pennsylvania Democrat who has significant sway over the Defense Department's spending as chairman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee. [WaPo]


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No Bid Contracts! Who said they're just for Republicans?

We need tighter laws against no-bid contracts.

He can't be sleazy. He's a Democrat! How dare you!!

I can tell you, my father works there and puts in often 80 hours a week. Bob Murtha, CEO of Murtech, is an honest man. I've personally toured the building and can say there is no evidence of wrong doing. They keep a low-key because of the security risk. This people are just doing their job helping to defend our country.

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