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June 24, 2009

2:32 The governor is now musing on the nature of forgiveness

Entertaining liveblog of Mark Sanford's mea cupla press conference.

Update: Gov. Mark Sanford reportedly has some unusual hobbies, including digging pits on his property with a hydraulic excavator to "unwind."


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That does not strike me as a particularly unusual hobby, assuming you have enough land to do it.

Of course I collect old Saabs, so my tolerance for quirky hobbies is probably higher than the norm.

He enjoys digging himself into holes?

In one of his lovemails Sanford said he was in love with big equipment.

Let's not judge the governor too harshly. What's not to like about wingnut pols disappearing in South America?

"mea cupla"? Too many coffee pix, I suppose (or not enough coffee)... 8-)

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