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June 15, 2009

Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

Bob Woodward at the Investigative Reporters and Editors conference in Baltimore this weekend.

Woodward argued that Barack Obama has yet to be tested by a crisis--which struck me as a bizarre assertion, in light of the financial meltdown and the worst economy since the great depression.


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Maybe he means a minute-by-minute crisis rather than a month-by-month crisis.

Like Dave said above, I think he meant a military or medical crisis the kind that bad movie writers would set in a dimly lit room full of computer monitors and officious white men in uniforms.

What Woodward means is that he's yet to be tested by a covert ratfuck like the one Woodward, Dean, Hunt and McCord engineered for Nixon. When Obama's got enemies setting him up with clownish bribery and burglary scandals, then we'll see what he's made of. (c.f. Baker, Family of Secrets)

High time to update your conspiracy theories, brother.

Wait, you think that Woodward, Dean, Hunt and McCord set Nixon up?

Man, it'll be hard to read something funnier than that within the next week.

Bonus points for the use of "Ratfucking" as something done to Nixon.

Bob Woodward seems to suffer from poor judgement and a degree of incompetence, more befitting of, say, William Kristol.

I'm beginning to think he wasn't the brighter of the two sleuths who broke open Watergate.

No really, check out family of secrets. It's not loony right shit, it just sort of proves every frickin thing you know is tragically wrong and you should just commit seppuku right now for having been such a credulous naive dupe all your life.

Yes I too was surprised & rather pleased to learn that there are people who could outratfuck Nixon. Nixon was just a babe in the woods, a timorous little rat altar boy locked in the rectory for spiritual communion and anal ratrape by his ratmonsignor. Woodward was an ambitious young rat seminarian then, appointed by the rat vatican to investigate and falsify Nixon's ratfucking.

And Feld is not deep throat either, Mister Smartypants. He's just some alzenheimer guy who nodded yes to everything so they pinned it on him. There never was no deep throat ever.

You jeer but when the scales fall from your eyes you too will never have another good night's sleep.

I believe Mr. Woodward meant that our President hasn't failed, and therefore hasn't been tested [by the standard right-wing definition of "tested", which will remain in effect until they need "tested" to mean something else].

Whatever Woodward was, or whatever he did, he's now a reliable right-wing hack. Even his third Bush book (subtitle 'Ignore my last two Bush books') was really just a rat jumping off from a sinking ship.

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