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June 22, 2009

Take that, Twilight

Buffy the Vampire Slayer takes on creepy Edward Cullen the panty-sniffing vampire from Twilight in this mashup by Rebellious Pixels. Pure genius. This clip encapsulates everything that's awesome about Buffy and everything that's wrong with Twilight.


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Doyle: Getting court intervention in stalking cases is criminalizing obsession pure and simple.

Jenavir: Crap. It's criminalizing terrorizing someone else by violating their privacy and behaving threateningly because of your obsession.

Isn't that the gist of what he said? All I see that you added to what he had to say was 'crap'.

Doyle : Obsessed people do not define the social mores. Their well being is sacrificed for an unrealistic social order.

Jenavir: No, their wish-fulfillment is sacrificed for their victims' well-being. Your stalking-apologetics are reprehensible and foolish.

I don't see where he's being a stalker apologizer, that's a rather rude supposition to make. Nothing stated by Doyle was in defence of stalkers or stalking.

And obsessed people DO damn well define the social mores. They are usually much more powerful than their victims and their vision of what "love" is dominates pop culture.

See, now you're criminalizing obsession which both he and Cass agreed is a non-criminal action. Stalking is a criminal action, based on an obsession, a non-criminal behavior. Obsessed people also aren't more powerful than their victums as there are no 'victums' of obsession until a crime, such as stalking, is commited. Moreover, criminaly obsessed peoples visions, i.e. stalkers, don't dictate love in pop culture, that's a completley subjective opinion. Ironically, it's done by woman who is 35, a Mormon, and probably has an idyllic and idealistic sense of what love and obsession both mean in todays world. My guess is that sort of romantic love appeals to legions of young woman across America, thus the 22 million in book sales.

That was very well done! I think it says even more about Buffy vs Bella than it does Buffy vs Edward. I enjoyed the Twilight books but we are HUGE Buffy fans. The Twilight movie was easily the worst movie I've ever seen.

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