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July 23, 2009

Chris Matthews demolishes "birther" G. Gordon Liddy

You know, Chris Matthews is pretty smart when he remembers to take his Ritalin. Watch him demolish G. Gordon Liddy, the Watergate burglar turned "birther" (a term for those conspiracy theorists who believe that president Barack Obama is an illegal alien from Mombassa, Kenya). For more on the birther phenom, check out my friend Dave Weigel's recent appearance on Rachel Maddow:


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I used to think that Liddy was funny, until he made the comment about shooting federal agents using " head shots " , the Hitler comments, etc.

Here, he looks like a sad, tired, defeated man. If he was smart, he wouldn't have gone on TV in that condition.

Jon Stewart did a funny segment on the nuttiness of this conspiracy theory the other day.

It's amazing Liddy gets any attention at all considering his criminal past. The man's a scumbag.

Here's the Daily Show segment, which is far more thorough than Maddow's.

Liddy looks more than sad, tired and defeated--he looks dazed and confused. Once he discharges his memorized talking points, he is utterly unable to formulate a coherent reply to any of Matthews' challenges. He looks to me like a case of incipient Alzheimers.

Whether it has anything to do with eligibility for President, if you WERE born in Mombassa Kenya to an American mother YOU'RE STILL AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.

Just as McCain is a natural American Citizen, even though he was born in PANAMA.

Grow up, whiners. You lost the election.

Very few Republicans/conservatives are concerned about this.

They are the equivalent to your bretheren who obsess about Sarah Palin's daughter.

"They are the equivalent to your bretheren who obsess about Sarah Palin's daughter."

Heh. And how many of them are getting television air time?


a) Obama is a politician. It's OK to talk about him

b) Palin's daughter is not a politician. She's off limits

c) CNN and MSNBC ( including the freakish Keith Olbermann ) spoke about Palin's daughter a number of times.

"a) Obama is a politician. It's OK to talk about him"

It's OK to lie about him. Fixed it.

"b) Palin's daughter is not a politician. She's off limits"

Hmm. Somebody should have told the McCain/Palin campaign when they insisted on using Bristol and Levi as campaign props.

"c) CNN and MSNBC ( including the freakish Keith Olbermann ) spoke about Palin's daughter a number of times."

This must be a new and unfamiliar use of the word "obsess."

spoke ≠ obsess

But nice try with the faux equivalence thing. Do play again sometime.

They did obsess on the Palin daughter time and time again. Pay attention.

Every candidate brings their family to the convention. Only scumbags attack the family - you are in the same sewer with Rush Limbaa who attacked Chelsea Clinton in a similar enough vein.

And Obama completely agreed with me and not you, that Palin's children were off limits. It was in all the papers.

Obama can defend himself against these nuts, he does not need you.

What's interesting to me is that someone as discredited as Liddy still gets air time to talk about anything, much let something as demonstrably fictional as Obama not being an American citizen.

Clearly this is just another sign of how liberal the media truly is.

For better or worse, Liddy is a bit player in American history and someone who has written a bestselling book.

TV news producers tend to want whoever will keep the eyeballs watching for another 5 minute segment. You really don't have quality news broadcasting in this country, unless you're one of the lucky few who have access to BBC World ( the 24 hour service )

Everybody else goes for the razzle-dazzle, or like PBS has their parlor biases.

Liddy's touring with Timothy Leary must have caught up with him.

"you are in the same sewer with Rush Limbaa [sic] who attacked Chelsea Clinton in a similar enough vein."


You certainly have anger managment issues, TP. Get help.

You justified what the feverish libs did in going after Palin's children, Joel

And the misspelling of Fatso Limbaa's name is quite intentional. He thinks its OK to attack politician's children also. You're two peas in a pod.

WTF indeed.

This Bristol Palin thing is a non sequitur. The problem with the birthers isn't that they're being mean to Obama. The problem is that they are totally nuts.

Nobody would care if it weren't for the fact that Republican legislators are pandering to the birthers with a proposed bill to require presidents to produce their birth certificates. Lou Dobbs, one of CNN's biggest names, is giving them credulous airtime.

I don't think the birthers are a threat of any kind. But certain journalists and politicians are really doing the public a disservice by paying them the slightest attention.

And the problem with the Palin haters is that they're nuts too. They were all over the lefty blogosphere and plenty of the big sites there with the fevered conspiracy theory that Sarah Palin was not Trig's mother and that the daughter was the real mother. I heard this and you did too and it lasted a good number of weeks and it wasn't just on the internet.

This was far more insane than any speculation about Obama's birth certificate. His " stupid " birth certificate, to use one of the Dear Leader's favorite words.

There have been many other insane conspiracy theories over the past decade, and some of them have been the subjects of major movies and lots of time on Air America and MSNBC. Details on request.

Sorry wrong link

Here's the correct one

But do look at the other one, an old clip from Leonard Cohen. He's in Belfast this weekend.

This is America, crazy-ass conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen. I didn't hear any congressional Democrats repeating the Palin pregnancy conspiracy theory, let alone proposing any kind of legislation as an act of political theater to cater to the believer base. And AFAIK it didn't get MSM exposure from anyone of the stature of Lou Dobbs.

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