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July 09, 2009

Lindsay Beyerstein on CNN: "Stimulus II, The Reckonning" [Video]

Here's the link to my CNN appearance.


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you rocked out loud.

Rock and roll! Funny jokes too. The other lady was such a fuddy duddy. :(

"Categorically false"- one of my favorite phrases!

Good job, very well done.

Heh, Majik-theeeeez. Just as well she got that wrong, I suppose.

Well done. Remember - breathe....

Good interview. The idea that the government doesn't do anything for private industry is mystifying. And I'm not sure where the new jobs are going to come from if both private industry and the government are cutting back.

Good interview. I don't like the usual point counter point format. I'd like you to quote (or paraphrase) what the other person says occasionally to show contrast with them and make more pointed your remarks. I think your succinctness helped quite a bit.

Wow Lindsay, you got on TV! Nice job!

That other lady was such a Republican shill. And with the white skin and the black hair, she looks like she would have been perfectly at home at a Manson concert... about thirty years ago lol!!!

These people need to be reminded as often as possible that the Republicans led the charge for all of the deregulation in the financial sector which led to this crisis, which Matt Taibbi did such a good job of showing. Matt neglected to make a big deal out of the GOP's complicity, though. Goldman Sachs may be a kingmaker for the Democrats, but we all know how hard the Right has been pushing their Reaganism nonsense, and for how long. The GOP running commercials asking where the jobs are is laughable under these circumstances.

All in all you did a masterful job slamming that old vampire, Lindsay. BTW that name, Majikthise, did you get it from Douglas Adams/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about here's a link:

The character I'm talking about shows up between 0:38 and 4:32 on that video. Gods, I loved Douglas Adams...

Anyways, you get all sorts of link love from me for this. Keep up the good work.


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