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July 28, 2009

SEIU consultant: "[M]ost of these academics really are not worth it-but spamming them sounds like what they deserve!!"

The Perez Stern blog just published some awkward emails that SEIU sent out to a group of academics who had signed an open letter about the SEIU raid on UNITE HERE.

The "spam" emails at the top look normal, but keep scrolling down, a few messages got appended that probably weren't meant to go live.


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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am one of the academics who signed the letter and was spammed and got on their spam list (and though I read the emails, I don't remember seeing the awful correspondence at the end). I will continue to support UNITE HERE.

What did the academics say in the first place?

The email at the top may be normal, but it's very poorly written and unpersuasive, even without the making-of comments below.

Seriously? That's it? That stuff hardly maligns SEIU. There's always background work done on an open letter like that. The emails were pretty mundane, it just sounds like off the cuff strategizing about the most effective way to make their point. I GUARANTEE that the exact same sort of back and forth was done on the original letter sent by academics with UNITE HERE's people.

Both sides need to grow up and stop pointing fingers at eachother for doing things that they're both doing. This fight is a waste of labor's time and resources.

The funny part is that it got sent out, not that there's back and forth going on.

That stuff hardly maligns SEIU.

No, but condescending stuff like "This fight is a waste of labor's time" and the personal story about academia being out of touch (i.e. not politicized) does; the academics aligned with HERE will tell you that SEIU is wasting labor's time by raiding one of its most successful unions, and that people who complain about academics tend to be authoritarian types who brook no disagreement.

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