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July 28, 2009

Union building bombed in Honduras

A bomb went off in a union building in Honduras on Sunday afternoon. The building belonged to the beverage workers' union (STIBYS), which has been one of the most vocal opponents of the coup regime:

An hour before the burial a bomb exploded at the union hall in Stiby [sic] belonging to the Food and Beverage Union.  Two suspicious people had entered the hall where campesinos, indigenous Hondurans and others from the middle of the country often find shelter.  The bomb exploded at 1:05 pm., in other words, ten minutes after the National Front Against the Coup D’Etat had finished a large assembly, and was on its way to the cemetery at Durazno on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, in order to participate in the burial.

The union president, Carlos H. Reyes, a legendary and combative union leader, had no doubts about who was responsible for the attack.

“Mr. Billy Joya, one of those responsible for the disappearances in the 1980’s by the 3-16 Batallion, is the person who is the head of state security today.  Today he announced on the Sunday news program, 30-30, that there were going to be bombs.  And when they say there’ll be bombs, historically they themselves are the ones who place them.  This is exactly what has happened here today,” said Carlos Reyes when we found him in the union hall.  The bomb was placed next to the men’s bathroom and blew a 20 centimeter hole in the cement floor. [Source: Dick Emanuelsson, for Translation: Machetera, via Mexfiles.]

Another English language account of the attack is available here

BoRev has more information on the murders of two pro-Zelaya protesters (most likely at the hands of the police or the military) and another protester who says he was tortured by the military.

You'll be heartened to learn that the Wall Street Journal published an op/ed by the coup regime's civilian ringleader, Roberto Micheletti. Maybe Mullah Omar has some thoughts he'd like to share, too.


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