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August 28, 2009

Glenn Beck claims Americorps will be Obama's SS

Seriously, folks. Glenn Beck and his cronies believe that Obama wants to enlarge Americorps to be his shock troops, his fedayeen. Beck and his guests convince themselves that Americorps will be the ones who will disarm the radical militias in South Texas if the military refuses to follow the president's orders.

In the clip, Beck claims that Americorps has "just received half a trillion dollars in funding." What the hell is he talking about? Half a trillion dollars is $500 billion. Half a trillion dollars would put Americorps in the same league as the Pentagon.

For FY 2010, the president requested less than two billion dollars for Americorps' parent agency, the Corporation for National and Community Service, and congress appropriated $90 million less than he asked for.

Half a trillion dollars for Americorps would the agency in the same league as the Pentagon. Is Beck talking about the $5.7 billion national service bill which, amongst many other things, would put Americorps on track to grow significantly between now and 2017.

Update: Commenters tell me that Beck corrected himself later in the show. A grownup must have realized the claim was too preposterous, or more too easily falsifiable, even for the Glenn Beck side show.

It's even funnier that Beck's guests played along with the half-trillion claim. Surely they knew it was false. This wasn't just an incidental mistake, it was the hook for Beck's crazy conspiracy theory.


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Check it out - Glenn Beck: “Come On Baby, Take Me Back – Don’t Be Like That.” (VIDEO) -

Obama is an evil man.. I hope he fails in ALL his socialist, racist agendas....


WOW....I just tuned in to all these comments. I don't think any of us should be debating Beck's intentions with this type of commentary. He's NOT investigating sh*t...he's clearly only inciting people to fear and anger through innuendo like he always does. I mean that's his whole gig, right? What IS a downright shame is that a major cable station would allow him to air his crap. When I was kid (50's-60's), you could find stuff like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, et al but not on TV or radio where all the borderline crazies could listen in or watch. You had to actually go to John Birch meetings or take flyers from the kooks on the corners.

glen beck is an idiot
the repukes lost the election so they are stiring the pot
listen you idiots - you voted for bush who destroyed this country
STFU all of you...

@Mad Hatter...

Learn to spell. BTW, with your intended vitriole, you could be 'Mad-Hater Beck'.

Just sayin'.

My bad,

I read the "posted by:" incorrectly...My original was directed at "frank Beck".

Beck is not "risking his life" by spewing paranoid conspiracy theories on the air- he is risking other people's lives.

There are a lot of people in our society who are very frightened about what the future will hold- people whose ability and inclination to do any smart checking of the claims made by wingnut talking heads has already been crippled by their misfortune in having had an RWA upbringing.

Beck, and others of his ilk, are cashing in by whispering to these people "It's them. Their fault. They're the ones who are doing this to you.".

When- not if, when, someone with a head full of Beck et al.'s lies decides "I'd better get them before they get me", it isn't going to be the TV and radio hate-talkers that they go after.

Beck is just echoing what I have been thinking for a long time. I too am a "thinker".
I would agree with you that Beck is a "thinker" in scare quotes.

And Lindsay - it was a mistake he made regarding the money - why did he correct himself?
Glenn Beck rapes puppies! OMG! He rapes puppies! HE RAPES PUPPIES! Glenn Beck rapes puppies! What would possess him to do such a terrible thing? How can we stop him? What will he rape next?! Is anyone safe?!

(... insert twenty minute panel discussion with "experts" on Glenn Beck raping puppies...)

-- Commercial break --

... Just before we go, a minor clarification, maybe he doesn't actually rape puppies, that might have been a mistake, but join us tomorrow when we discuss Glenn Beck sacrificing kittens to Satan!

"You had to actually go to John Birch meetings or ... "

I've been noticing that for a while Mad Hatter. It does sound like those insane Bircher screeds from the 05s & 60s.

I half expect a knuckle-dragger like Beck to start quoting from "None Dare Call It Treason," and saying that Obama is mixed up with hippie commies that wanted America to fail in Viet Nam.

They better be careful ...

Michelle Bachmann's son has joined AmeriCorps.

See a local newspaper article:

I can't believe people on here are defending Beck. That was craziest thing I've ever seen (even worse than "Oligarhy").

For Beck to say that $500 Billion (??????) worth of funding is going to Americorps is insane, even for a misstatement. The second that figure came out of his mouth, he should have stopped himself, but he didn't because that amount of funding was the basis for his argument. He couldn't have scared anyone if he had said the real figure.

I can't believe you guys are falling for this. I mean, come on. I understand that no one wants to think that they've been duped, but face it: THIS GUY IS A FRAUD.

He's perpetually acting like the world is gonna end to scare people. You guys need to take a step back and actually fact check this guy and you'll see that he is wrong about EVERYTHING.

Learn to spell. BTW, with your intended vitriole [sic]...

Well, this gave me a good laugh, anyway.

The quote of the day, however, came towards the end: "I'm tired of being a sheep. I'm tired of being a victim. I'm tired of being pushed around. You know what? The gloves come off."

What the hell is Beck a victim of?

Seriously, what is Besk's net worth at this point? How much if Murdoch and Ailes paying that guy, per year? If it's anything less than $50k and they don't cover his expenses, maybe ...

You laugh at the very idea of giving Americorps all that money. But who *will* be the ones who will disarm the radical militias in South Texas if the military refuses to follow the president's orders? Huh? Answer me that, Ms. Know-it-all Answer Lady! 8-/

Mr Beck is merely the monkey, one should focus on the organ grinder here.

I just want to know who will disarm the radical left wing Obama Lovers on this board

Typo alert--it's 'fedayeen,' not 'feyadeen.' Although the feyadeen could be the gay jihadis! Thank you very much, don't forget to tip your waitress, etc. etc.

Glenn spent 15 minutes spilling out the wrong facts and getting people worked then came back and admitted he had his facts wrong. He knows exactly what he's doing. He's adding fuel to the fire. 500 billion to any agency would raise eyebrows and make anyone thing the worst. The fact the Americorp's parent company only received 90mil doesn't sound so ominous. I'm no genius but as soon as he said 500 billion I knew something was wrong and so did he. He knows exactly was he's doing and he should be ashamed. His whole argument was based on the fact that $500 billion was enough money to start an army and he be right if he wasn't SO WRONG.

"But who *will* be the ones who will disarm the radical militias in South Texas if the military refuses to follow the president's orders? Huh? Answer me that, Ms. Know-it-all Answer Lady! 8-/"

Gee,dunno Dave, maybe the same folks that took care of things at Waco or Ruby Ridge or Whidbey Island?

It's funny the White House won't even challenge Glen Becks facts, The silence is deadly, Could it be they know it's the truth? you Obama lover crack me up Really!

Mad Hatter, TB: Father Coughlin in the 1930s had a much larger audience than Limbaugh and his clones do today. Walter Winchell, who had the same style of reporting but was anti-Nazi rather than anti-Semitic, had an even larger audience.

Liberal Ladies And Gentlemen,

It is quite funny that when people on the right side of the aisle make a mistake you start a campaign to dethrone them. To call them names, and make them out to be racists, and hate-mongers, fear-mongers, Nazi sympathizers, yet you always fail to look in the mirror at yourselves.

Where is the investigative journalism, when Ms. Pelosi says something off the wall? Where is the journalism when she claims to have known nothing about torture only to later be proven wrong? When she claims that the CIA lied? All of these are drops in the bucket, I understand. What about the fact that your leadership says outright that they do not read the bills? Why would you, they say, when they can't even understand them without lawyers present? Which poses the question, why did we send them to Washington to begin with? Not to read the Bills apparently.

Where is the investigative journalism when the liberals try to subvert the same laws that they put in place? An example you say? Well how about the state of MA, right now. Ted Kennedy has died, may he rest in peace, his seat is empty. In 2004, John Kerry vacated his seat to run for President. Mitt Romney, a Republican was Governor. A new law was put in place that says if a seat is vacated, a special election must be held, because it would be unconstitutional for a Governor to appoint a replacement. The people should vote for the replacement. Read: we can't have a Republican put his own people there. Okay, fair enough, the game is called Politics.

Jump ahead 5 years, and here we are. Now a seat is empty and liberals have a Dem Governor in the state. A special election will be held, right? Maybe, for you see they are up in arms. The Governor must appoint a replacement IMMEDIATELY, for a temporary period of time. They can't wait for a special election to be held. It would be unconstitutional to leave the people without representation when such important issues, such as health care, are being debated. Temporary or not folks, this subverts the law, that they put in place. The law states that there shall not be a temporary. The seat will be vacant. Your thoughts?

What about HIG? That would be the "High Value Detainee Interrogation Group". Put in place by Presidential order. A seperate entity, housed at FBI headquarters but not a member of the FBI. It does not answer to the FBI, or the CIA, or the NSA, or Homeland Security but to the National Security Council. For the uninitiated, thats the National Security Advisor, The President, and the Vice President. READ: Directly to the White House. This completely goes around the entire chain of command, and Congress along the way. No debate, no reaching across the imaginary aisle, no questions asked. If anything should be called the SS, its this new group. An armed police agency, answerable directly to the President based upon his direct orders. For some, maybe the Gestapo would be more appropriate.

You will claim that I get my news directly from Fox. You will be partially correct. I get my headlines from Fox, but the internet Gods have seen fit to bless us with Google. And a few quick searches will get you all the information you need, from multiple sources, and multiple points of view, and if you think Google is somehow controlled by conservatives, well...

I expect that you will call me names now. Call me a conspiracy theorist and a conservative nut. That's fine. Do what you do. For the record I do not associate with any political party. See name. I believe both parties have failed to stand up for the values they claim to uphold. I believe in a woman's right to choose and in Gay marriage. I also believe in the second amendment. You figure out what that makes me. Feel free to call me an alarmist.

I have but one last set of questions. When did dissent become illegal? Why when I disagree with the President or his point of view, or what he's doing, am I immediately labeled a Racist? Why when my Black friends disagree are they called "Uncle Tom's"? Why can't people disagree just because the disagree and not because they are conservative "idiots"? Is it no longer okay to disagree with the President? Are we so far gone that you can no longer have an opposing opinion?

All I want is the transparency that was promised. No lists about fishy information. No mass emails. No double speak, and no fake town halls where Barney Frank calls people names instead of answering questions. No 1100 pages Bills that nobody wants to read being rushed through Congress that nobody can adequately explain. No picking sides along party lines because at the end of the day we ALL have to live with the decisions made in Washington, whether you agree with them or not. No finger pointing, no blame game, and no he said she said because there's plenty to go around. SEE ABOVE. Just once, I would like political correctness to take a back seat to what the heck is really going on.

I just want to know the truth. I want the facts, unencumbered by Blue and Red and Dog and Elephant and Donkey. The truth...


Very good post, If we Don't know the truth we should ask and not be attacked when we do

Why should Glenn Beck get a break, as so many comments here suggest? He just made a simple mistake, right, suggesting that Obama was going to spend 500 billion dollars on a black nationalist ss army, when really he's trying to spend 5 billion to develop his own thug squad to enforce liberal ideology.

Glenn Beck is on national TV, on a 'news' channel, and twice he repeated a patently absurd claim about 1/2 trillion dollars without challenge from his guests. It's a concrete instance of Glenn Beck getting it wrong. But the bigger issue is the frame that he's established for his misinformation. It's misinformation wrapped inside conspiracy theory and marketed as news. There's no way to debate Glenn Beck on the larger issue because he's not on rational ground. "No, the president of the united states isn't trying to use a poverty-reduction program to set up his own SS ."-- it's stupid and a waste of time. Once you accept the terms of Beck's argument to refute it, you're already in crazy town. Better to stick to the concrete details which, once pulled apart, unravel the whole thing.

Glenn beck is using misinformation to undermine Obama legitimacy.

In other regime, he would be the type CIA employes to topple government and incite riot. Exact same thing.

and it works too. Remember tea baggers? well it has meld with white supremacist right? now it comes complete with guns.

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