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August 28, 2009

Glenn Beck claims Americorps will be Obama's SS

Seriously, folks. Glenn Beck and his cronies believe that Obama wants to enlarge Americorps to be his shock troops, his fedayeen. Beck and his guests convince themselves that Americorps will be the ones who will disarm the radical militias in South Texas if the military refuses to follow the president's orders.

In the clip, Beck claims that Americorps has "just received half a trillion dollars in funding." What the hell is he talking about? Half a trillion dollars is $500 billion. Half a trillion dollars would put Americorps in the same league as the Pentagon.

For FY 2010, the president requested less than two billion dollars for Americorps' parent agency, the Corporation for National and Community Service, and congress appropriated $90 million less than he asked for.

Half a trillion dollars for Americorps would the agency in the same league as the Pentagon. Is Beck talking about the $5.7 billion national service bill which, amongst many other things, would put Americorps on track to grow significantly between now and 2017.

Update: Commenters tell me that Beck corrected himself later in the show. A grownup must have realized the claim was too preposterous, or more too easily falsifiable, even for the Glenn Beck side show.

It's even funnier that Beck's guests played along with the half-trillion claim. Surely they knew it was false. This wasn't just an incidental mistake, it was the hook for Beck's crazy conspiracy theory.


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can't anyone here spell, or are you all illiterate honkies

"What kind of ignorant boob fails to understand the difference between five hundred billion dollars and five billion dollars?"

Kinda like -- Pelosi publicly stating that "every month that we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs." [NY Post Feb 4, 2009]

While the US population is around 303 million.

Abeb, the NY Post is so unreliable I'd blame the editors before I'd blame Pelosi. Do you have a source that isn't a trashy tabloid?

I don't remember Beck's concern for Blackwater -

Did Beck correct himself after inadvertently referring to Americorps as "Obama's SS" ? Because if he didn't, I fail to see how any of the Beck defenders have a leg to stand on.

Also notable: Beck's guest didn't think to correct Beck, either, on this.

Fox News is a clown show for low-brows with poor critical thinking skills. If you're watching Fox News and nodding your head, that means you, pal. I have mixed feelings about Media Matters. There is so much stupid out there, and the internet and cable news just make it more accessible. Life is short.

A lot of proof here why they call The Left "Wacko" Glen Beck was just as hard on Bush as he is on Obamaa, He called for Bush's impeachment, Both side left right are guilty of screwing over the folks.

Fox News is not a clown show. It's a propaganda outlet, mainly for the GOP. There is a method in their madness. (yes, they can effectively appeal to the dixiecrat/southern strategy voters with trashyy strategy) But that's the big point.

The danger of course, combined with bad economy things will really get explosive. Just like tumultuous 60's/70's during vietnam/stagflation era.

Do any of you apologists listen to yourselves? Defending Beck by saying that he was only "investigating" claims or didn't do anything wrong because he later corrected himself is absurd. A journalist investigates claims before he puts out a story. A journalist checks his facts BEFORE he goes on the air. One who doesn't do these very basic things is nothing more than a fool on a soapbox.

Glenn Beck is an idiot. Plain & simple. I'm not sure what scares him so much about Pres. Obama, but this unchecked xenophobia? racism? is making him say idiotic things. Obama is not the only person who makes decisions in this country. How could he single-handedly turn the US into a socialist/leftist version of Hitler's Germany? Come ON.

Using the Left's logic Obama, Biden, Pelosi and the rest of the gang are the biggest Idiots of them all!!! if your looking at misquotes and just dumb things they spew out

A really serious question: Outrageous people say outrageous things because they know it grabs media attention. Do we aid and abet the viral spread of these messages when we pay too much attention to fools and foolish talk? Glenn Beck may spew nonsensical delusions seven days a week. Shall we react every time a fool acts foolish?

Perhaps fools lead us by the nose when we pay attention. Turn him off, tune him out, he becomes irrelevant. Do you really think an ignorant bozo is harbinger of the Blond Beast? Pay too much attention to the court jester, one ignores the tyrant.

It's a very tough question. I think it's one of those strategic decisions that can only be evaluated retrospectively.

There are two competing strains of conventional wisdom about dealing with crazy liars: vigorously expose the lies vs. deny the liar the attention he obviously craves. No matter which way you go, you'll always wonder about the path not taken.

John Kerry initially ignored the Swift Boat Liars. In retrospect, it seems like he should have hit back hard and early. But at the time, it wasn't clear whether he would have been dignifying self-evidently crazy allegations with a response.

In the face of uncertainty, my instinct is to counter the lies because I think that's an inherently worthwhile pursuit. I think it's worth knowing what these people are up to, even if the exposure gives them a little extra notoriety.

So are you Lefty's saying when Obama spews out his bull, We should just ignore him and follow along like the little lemming's or "speak out truth to power" If they walk like a duck tall like a duck most likely they are a duck

Let me clarify: The current office holders in Congress, the CEOs of mighty health insurance firms, and their attendant lobbyists on K Street. Case in point:

William McGuire of UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s leading insurer, was the third-highest paid CEO on the Forbes list. His pay of $124.8 million could cover the average health insurance premiums of nearly 34,000 people.


Full-time worker pay averaged just $32,594 That's 11 percent less than 1973's average worker pay of $36,629, adjusting for inflation, although worker productivity rose 78 percent between 1973 and 2004.


Looking at data for thousands of publicly traded companies, Bebchuk and Grinstein found that pay for the top five company executives rose from 4.8 percent of aggregate net company income during 1993-1995 to 10.3 percent of aggregate net income during 2001-2003.”

Two years ago, William McGuire of UnitedHealth Group received $1.7 Billion in executive compensation … roughly the health insurance premiums of 463,000 people. How is one man worth as much as 463,000 Les Miserables?

My point: The court jester, Glenn Beck, gets all this media attention while William McGuire hardly gets any attention at all.

never ignore the crazy with method...

Radical ‘Birther’ Kreep Launches DefendGlenn.Com

After Fox News star Glenn Beck accused President Obama of being a “racist” with a “deep-seated hatred for white people,” a drive by Color Of Change has convinced 46 companies to cancel their advertisements on his show. In response, Beck and FoxNews have launched increasingly vicious attacks on White House official Van Jones, who co-founded Color Of Change in 2005 following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

The United States Justice Foundation describes itself as "a nonprofit public interest, legal action organization dedicated to instruct, inform and educate the public on, and to litigate, significant legal issues confronting America." The issues they regard as significant span the conservative spectrum from reverse discrimination to taxation to term limits. They litigated on behalf of lobbyists who opposed the Clinton Health Care Task Force in 1994.

The executive director of the USJF is Gary Kreep. His biography reveals that he is the general counsel to the racist, anti-immigration group, The Minutemen. He has been affiliated with the radical and violent anti-choice group, Operation Rescue. He was a California delegate to the Republican National Conventions in 1976 and 1980.

ahahahaha.. (google 'Kreep' and "United States Justice Foundation ") They are basically rightwing GOP, PAC/scam money organisation.

lead by these two clowns....!

Linda Chavez and Christopher Gersten

haiiiiilarioussss... (I imagine the money and corruption would stink to high heaven. these few people basically enriching themselves using media bruhahaha... crying pity to themselves then raising defense fund.)

Good business plan. Hasn't reached Ann Coulter level yet. Now she can agitate a situation and put herself as the savior.

squashed, to quote myself earlier: "Pay too much attention to the court jester, one ignores the tyrant."

Like the hidden operatives and the puppet masters behind the puppet. Notice how quickly they scatter and disavow their PAC affiliations once media attention is focused on them. That is my point.

...and many under-qualified people are being put into positions of power with access to large budgets. These people will become corrupted by money and major trauma is waiting the American people through unemployment and the transfer of wealth from the West to the East. At that point, the organized mechanism that is currently being built will be mobilized and you had better watch out because people suffering will want simple answers to their problems and if there are no simple answers, then minority groups will be in for a rough ride. Nazi Germany, here we come.

Wait a minute! You just described the entire 8 years of the Bush presidency. All of this happened! How come the tin-hatters and other wingnuts weren't howling about it when it actually occurred?

ooops. Guess your perfect president made a gaffe too, but that was ok. Typical liberal double standard - at least Beck corrected himself. All you libs can do is act like little cry babies. Waaaa-Waaaa!

"What kind of ignorant boob fails to understand the difference between five hundred billion dollars and five billion dollars?"

Ooops again! Guess your over-botoxed speaker made a gaffe, too. Once again, libs crying like little babies - maybe your diapers need changed?

Did Beck retract his crazy claim that Obama is creating an Americorps army like the brownshirts of Nazi Germany?

This wasn't just a slip of the tongue. It was a fundamental misunderstanding. Beck's defective reasoning: Americorps just got a HUGE increase in funding, now why might that be? Because Obama is scheming to create a Republican Guard. PANIC!!!!!!

In fact, Americorps didn't get a huge increase, let alone a budget hike that would make it rival the Pentagon. Ooops.

I can't believe it. That's really the problem I have with wingnuts: I can't just start to figure out how is it humanly possible to attain such a level of intellectual misery.

This shows me that even you democrats like the glenn beck show. maybe you`ll learn somethig,like the truth.

yeah, democrats like Becks show like a person like Herpes infection.

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