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August 21, 2009

Idaho Republican who pulled a gun was on "9-12 Project" steering committee

An Idaho Republican activist has been arrested for pulling a gun on a resident who objected to his photographing a home. Charliss E. McAffee works for a company that monitors the condition of homes in foreclosure.

It's not clear from media reports whether McCaffee was allegedly trespassing, or whether he was taking pictures on public property (which he would have every right to do). The resident later told police that a verbal argument ensued and McCaffee ended up pointing a gun at her. 

McCaffee is charged with felony aggravated assault. If convicted, he could face up to 5 years in prison.

McCaffee is a member of the Ada County Republican Central Committee. I found a cached web page listing McCaffee as a member of the Idaho 912 Project's steering committee, as of August 14.

The 912 Project is Fox News host Glenn Beck's organizing project. Members were fixtures at the anti-stimulus tea parties earlier this year and recently at healthcare town halls.


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Hey, what about his 2nd Amendment right to point guns at people?

Amazing how actually *using* ones gun has a certain amount of legal responsibility. Even if it's just brandishing it to intimidate someone. If you're not in actual danger, pointing a gun at someone to get them to back off is a crime.

I had a student that had a job monitoring foreclosed homes. To my knowledge he never packed a weapon to do so.

Just remember - an armed society is a polite society!

The Swiss are an "armed society" but do not spend their time murdering one-another, as seems the way in USA-perhaps they don't understand politeness?

The Swiss are an "armed society" but do not spend their time murdering one-another

Actually, they do - they have one of the highest murder rates in Europe. They have less murder than the US, but they also have fewer guns and more restrictions on how they may be kept.

I wonder how Fox will spin this one.

Remember "Bowling for Columbine"? Canadians are as heavily armed as we are in the U.S. but their murder rate isn't near ours. I was watching one of those "true crime" series the other night, and a Toronto cop was bemoaning the fact that their murder rate that year was in the 50s. Most U.S. cities of that size would love a rate like that.

Canadians are as heavily armed as we are in the U.S.

This is factually wrong. Canada's gun ownership rate is one third that of the US, and most privately owned guns in Canada are rifles rather than handguns, making them less useful in murder. Even Finland, which has both the second highest murder rate and the second highest gun ownership rate in the developed world, only has about half as many guns per capita as the US.

And in Toronto, the murder rate (3.1/100,000, high by non-US standards) is partly blamed on the importation of American guns...

Just because Michael Moore says something doesn't make it true.

I guess I just assumed the truth rather than checking it out. My astonishment is that the Secret Service would allow these people even as close as they're getting to the President. Granted, they're not getting into the halls, but I wonder what the Service considers a safe perimeter. As these people seem to get more and more strident, I would really hate to be in their shoes. It's already been reported that the death threats have significantly increased, and seeing someone with an assault rifle couldn't make them feel secure. I don't know why anyone would feel secure around an assault rifle, even the one carrying it...

I have no idea what the Secret Service's tactics are. My guess is that they figure that they might as well let the barkers carry guns in public, and concentrate on potential biters instead. But I don't know, really.

Mr Levy- less murder is a "slight" understatement.
The Swiss murder rate is 2.94 per 100,000 of the population. The US rate is 6.8 per 100,000 and has been rising every year from 2000.
A majority of murders are the work of non-Swiss citizens. Armed societies are not polite that was the point.

The US rate is not 6.8 and rising; it's 5.9 and stable (link).

And I know Switzerland and Finland have half the murder rate of the US. But they also have half the gun ownership rate.

the swiss are an armed society in that all are in the military. i lived there for 2 years and no one walks around sporting a gun.

Winslow, Robert, Dr.; Jordon M. Cruz. "Comparative criminology". A comparative criminology tour of the world. San Diego State University.
Read be elightened and know the stats are Interpol's.

And I know Switzerland and Finland have half the murder rate of the US. But they also have half the gun ownership rate.

It's interesting to me that more than half the homicides in Switzerland are apparently non-gun crimes. I'm not sure what the significance is in terms of the effectiveness of gun control, but I was surprised to learn that more killers in the country don't use guns.

The point is that the right to keep and bear arms of a citizenship is a US right not similarly held anywhere else in the world. The safety issue is not murder rate its crime rate. When citizens can defend themselves its a different ball game. 2006 rate data for all crimes (excluding traffic offences) per 100,000 population Canada - 7,519 and USA - 3,809. Toughest gun control in the USA is Washington, DC - Their crime rate 5,870 and God Bless Idaho is 2,666. Criminals are not totally stupid - they thrive where they can not be resisted.

KiltedOne, don't compare the US to Canada. Compare it to all other developed countries. And crime surveys - I can find you a link if you care - show that the US violent crime rate is middle of the pack for the developed world. So guns don't reduce crime - all they do is blow the murder rate out of proportion.

Alon - Story first - Message 2nd
Gaylord Cox, an 82-year-old church minister, was sleeping when a young man knocked on his bedroom window. The juvenile, who unbeknownst to Cox had recently escaped from a detention center, said he needed to use the phone because his car had broken down. Cox said he would meet him at the front door. As a precaution, Cox placed a .38-cal. revolver in his pocket before letting the juvenile inside. Police say the suspect used the phone, then immediately turned and sucker-punched the older, weaker Cox in the face, knocking him to the floor. Cox sat up, drew his pistol and fired one shot, causing his assailant to flee. The youth was apprehended nearby. (Morning Journal, Lisbon, OH, 06/16/09)
Every month The American Rifleman covers 7-10 stories like this. Every month for 20 years that I have been a member and before. People who can protect themselves and others make a difference. When a citizen kills another person in self defense - it gets recorded as a murder in the statistics - that blows a murder rate out of proportion.

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