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September 30, 2009

Hokum gets a public option

Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee voted down two amendments that would have added a public option to the committee's health reform bill. The committee also tacked on millions for discredited abstinence-only-until-opposite-marriage teaching.

On the bright side, maybe kids will start ditching church now that they get their nonsense free from the government, instead of at church where you have to throw in to the collection plate to hear the sermon.


I'm going to lose my mind over this!

Would that be considered a pre-existing condition?

I don't want schools to have abstinence-only education.

Nor do I want them to have put-a-condom-on-a-banana education.

Schools should concentrate on teaching subjects like math, and leave sex education to parents.

That assumes that parents are willing and able to teach their own kids how to put a condom on a banana, or answer their questions about how to prevent HPV. Avoiding STDs and controlling your fertility are basic life skills for a functional human in today's society. If you want to teach it as part of biology, fine. If you want to teach it as part of gym class, that also works.

Schools teach life skills all the time. Health and hygiene are an important part of education.

Here is proof of the public "option" being a trojan horse to create a single payer system. Joey Panto calls advocacy groups and uses one of his many alter egos to pose as supporters of their statist causes, and draws out their hidden agendas without much prompting. Here he gets a prominent universal healthcare advocacy group's director (I wish he would reveal her name and her organization) to admit that their hidden agenda is a single payer system, elimination of fee for service, and public health benefits for illegal aliens.

Avoiding STDs and controlling your fertility are basic life skills for a functional human in today's society.

And even that's a pretty truncated version of sex education. It's like restricting driver's ed to teaching how to buckle your seatbelt. Imagine how much better the country would be if sex ed taught straight boys and queer girls how to eat pussy.

Karl, is there any proof those calls were real? I could record a scripted phone call with my girlfriend where she uses racial slurs twice per sentence, and claim that she's a director of an important conservative advocacy group. Unlike Mike Stark, who makes sure to provide everyone with evidence that the people he's mocking are real and important, Joey Panto could easily be making things up or calling low-level activists.

You can't even name names, Karl Wulf? That isn't "proof" -- that's an insult to our intelligence. And even if a "a prominent universal healthcare advocacy group's director" were to claim "that their hidden agenda is a single payer system" it needn't follow that the public option is "a trojan horse to create a single payer system," only that some people you fear would hope to use it as one.

Speaking for myself, I would prefer a statist-shmatist single-payer or a Beveridge, socialized healthcare system, because the private sector has failed to provide America with the heath care we require. I don't expect either in my lifetime, but can settle for a public option to help the profiteers behave.

when i lived in SF i used to play my guitar for rev. cecil's glide memorial methodist in the haight.

his policy on the plate was "give what you can, take what you have to..."

one of the things i'm proudest of is that my kids, my mouthy, disrespectful, agitating kids, got the best information i could provide to them regarding sex and reproductive choices. i figured since i spent most of my life slinging guitars on the rock 'n' roll highway that i really had to way to preach abstinence without being an unredeemable hypocrite (which i know from my own experience that this is something teenagers hate with passion and will never listen to what they say. when your words don't match up with your behavior, the kids believe your behavior)

i figured that they would make the best decisions when they had as many facts as i could dredge up. i made sure that their doctors all had signed and notarized letters from me authorizing them to treat my kids and not tell me if that's what the kids wanted to do, i figured that one out by thinking about the consequences of not getting treatment for stuff because they would have to let me in on it. (which, by the way, was never used)

i also made sure that condoms were everywhere. my daughter who is now a montessori teacher used to call me "the condom fairy" because i would slip them into her purse and her jacket pockets. i understand impulsive behavior better than most folks, hell, i was married four times.

none of my kids came down with STDs. none of my kids have had an unplanned pregnancy.

so, let's see, that's 100% effectiveness for the godless hippy librul family...and then there's the palins...

You know what's lame, Karl? This weird cloak and dagger B.S. to get the unnamed director of some group to repeat the party line. If you'd been paying attention, you'd know these are standard-issue Democratic talking points like you'd hear on TV any day of the week. Even the president has said that if we were starting from scratch single payer would be the way to go, but (as whoever-the-hell-it-is says) we're not starting from scratch, so we're doing this half-assed health reform thing that might or might not have a public option. Joey plays fast and loose with the tape. In some questions, he gives the audio of the question and the answer. But on the final question, we just get text saying that the caller asked whoever-the-hell whether the plan would cover illegal immigrants. We hear W-T-H-I-W say that you shouldn't have to prove your citizenship to access the health care system, which is a totally separate point. Nobody, except actual fascist death-panelers believes that you should have to show your passport before they treat your gushing chest wound. The question is whether illegal immigrants would be eligible to participate under any of the bills before Congress, which they clearly wouldn't be. You were had, sucker.

Libertarian satire? Huh? Now there's an oxymoron. If this is an example it only serves underscore the fact that being severely irony challenged, nay crippled, is part of the basic definition of a libertarian.

"Nobody, except actual fascist death-panelers believes that you should have to show your passport before they treat your gushing chest wound."

But then when the militia movement camo clowns start shooting poor people who are coming north across the border to work, their bullets and "patriotism" will go to waste! How inhumane that would be.

Amen, sister. I wish this country would do like the French and teach parenting, or at least motherhood. We teach people to drive, but not how to raise kids?

Is France teaching parenting because it makes parents better, or because it's desperate to increase white birth rates?

Alon, is France restricting parenting instruction to whites? Got a link?

It's not. However, one of its impetuses for pro-natal policies is that North Africans have a much higher birth rates than whites. None of it is official, but across the developed world, poor minority groups with above-average birth rates never need special welfare payments or parenting classes, which amount to government pressure, to have more children; only the low-birth rate majority groups do.


Thanks for sharing your racist theories. Very revealing.

It's not a racist theory; it's a theory of how governments are racist. It's no different from how e.g. the Chinese-dominated government in Singapore started encouraging higher birth rates once Chinese birth rates fell too far below Malay birth rates.

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