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September 09, 2009

Hot mic fells "family values" pol

California State Assemblyman Michael Duvall (R), a stalwart advocate of family values and the sanctity of marriage, has resigned a hot mic picked up his graphic boast to a colleague about having sex with two married female lobbyists (sequentially, I assume). via Steve Benen


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Isnt this guy a republican not a "D".
Whats up with that?

It should be a crime for lobbyists to have sex with politicians or their staffers.

Under current law, as long as the women didn't say, "If you vote for Bill 1234, then I will have sex with you," there is no crime because bribery and quid-pro-quo can't be proven.

But the law should be changed, because the women were using sex to get influence over the politician without saying that.

It should be a crime for a cute blonde to have sex with a pig like that.

Furthermore, I'd like a little more info on these eyepatch panties...and, btw, why isn't this erstwhile public servant practicing safer sex--what's up with the drippin'?

Love seeing these hypocrites fall HARD.

His days of spanking lobbyists are over. (Imagine signing up to be an energy lobbyist/whore. Ugh. Surely these women can find better jobs, like street hooking.)

I'm shocked...SHOCKED, I tell you.

"Open" Mike Duvall will have a talk-radio show soon enough - Foley just got pa(i)ged for one.

If I'm paying my utility bill to a subsidiary of Sempra, does this mean I'm essentially paying these women to have sex with Republicans? I feel so dirty.

I feel so dirty.

Consider it all part of the cycle of life. I don't condone the lifestyle of parasitic wasps, either, but try to find them beautiful in their own way. I do wish congress-critter's kinks were as straightforward.

Should it be a crime for a President to have sex with an intern?

The Phantom -

Not unless there is evidence the intern was trying to bribe the president.

In the case of lobbyists having sex with politicians-and-their-staffers, it's implicitly a bribe.

What a coincidence. Ted Haggard was felled by hot mike too.


So its OK for men of vastly superior power to have sex with junior level women who ultimately report to them?

Men who can really help the careers of these " Monicas " ( so that these can be bribes of their own )

Many men in corporate and governmental America agree with you!

The Phantom -

Yes, it's OK for two people with different levels of power in an organization to have sex.

I don't think the usual motive in those cases is bribery-for-a-promotion.

I think that the usual motive when a lobbyist has sex with a politician is bribery-for-his-votes.

Not when there's a reporting relationship, its not OK

Things I learned in Broadcasting 101, Class #1: "Always assume the mic is on."



Like in the military, where they said " don't point a gun at anyone you don't intend to shoot "

This guy was seriously stupid

Oh, like the people who impeached Bill Clinton were sniffing at Monica Lewinsky's dresses because they were worried about a workplace power imbalance between Clinton and Lewinsky...

Well you " enlightened " ( cough ) people might have thought about that. But you didn't because Bill was your boy.

Manju for the win.

It is simultaneously a bribe and commercial sex work, if true. Fascinating to my criminal defense lawyer side. Too bad it didn't happen in 21204, could use the fee-generating work instead of all of this de facto pro bono work for broke-ass union workers who lost their jobs....

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